Wear your buttons with pride.. Boycott Batelco!

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Show us your support, Boycott Batelco!Sid Bhatia, a very good friend’s son who even remembers my days with Stray Cats BBS has stepped up to the plate and created really nice buttons for you to use to adorn your sites with.

Please grab your own and put it on your site if you don’t mind. This will really support our legitimate cause.

As they’re so nice, you could also get creative with them… mobile phone backgrounds, attach them to all your emails, print them out and stick them on your car’s back window (you have to print the URL under it to let people know where to go, but you knew that anyway) or print them out and stick them on your forehead (or other parts of your body) and email me the pictures!!

Come on people, let’s kick this thing into the next level.

  • ByronB
    19 May 2006

    I think you’ll have to form a “Down With Batelco” club if you want to hold any proper rallies, judging by the new law!

  • mahmood
    19 May 2006

    Absolutely ridiculous isn’t it? But what do you expect from this particular parliament, their legacy will be their restriction of civic and personal freedoms.

  • Manami Chick
    19 May 2006

    Clearly this issue has inspired some … the hitherto unheard of Bahraini Hip Hop scene at least:


    i like this…. let me hear u now…..Fashelo akbar 7aramiyaaa

  • angelo
    19 May 2006

    hehe, chk this out:

    ” all rallies be held at a stadium or in the desert. “Most people have cars and they can drive to the stadium where they can demonstrate and speak to the press”


  • mahmood
    19 May 2006

    You realise that this campaign is just a learning curve to get a bigger one going to get goons like this dipstick to never even get close to parliament ever again, don’t you?

    The worrying thing is that someone is authorising the publication of the prime minister with him in very very close proximity. THAT, I find very worrying.

  • Chanad
    19 May 2006

    Well it looks like some people are planning on holding a rally in front of Batelco’s office on Monday afternoon:

    I doubt that they have permission from the authorities to hold the rally.

    ‘Bread riots’ have been a common occurence in the Arab countries over the last century, by frustrated citizens who want the right to basic necessities. Will Bahrain be the first place in the world to have ‘Internet riots’?

  • Anonymous
    20 May 2006


    Someone sent me this audioclip about how much Batelco sucks and i remembered you (Its in Arabic, sorry guys)..So here you go: http://www.arbsky.net/batelco.ram

    You don’t know me but i visit ur blog quite often..Cya

  • Cocointheloco
    20 May 2006

    Sooo you are asking for unlimited bandwidth? There is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth unless you can infinity gb/month.

  • tooners
    20 May 2006

    off the topic here, BUT… has anyone had any probs w/ Skype? i tried using it last night but i can’t get it to connect. i know someone mentioned the possibility of batelco interrupting that connection in some earlier posts… so i was wondering if that could have happened.

  • Bubz
    20 May 2006

    Cocointheloco, we know that an ‘unlimited’ connection is impossible. At 1Mbps, there is an upper limit of 300GB that one can download in a months time.

    What we mean by ‘unlimited bandwidth’ is that we don’t want Batelco telling us that we can only have a certain number of GB (2, 8, 15, 20 etc) at full service. That is called IMPOSING a limit, and that is what we are rallying against as a population that believes that the internet is (or is increasingly becoming) an integral part of our lives.

  • angelo
    20 May 2006

    tooners, Skype is working fine for me inside Bahrain although am accessing/using it from a non-batelco access point 😉

  • DigitsPro
    30 May 2006

    and this one from me 😉

    A-Unit Feat. DigitsPro – Feshelco (High Remix)


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