Batelco gets bitch slapped by the TRA, AGAIN!

Read these saweeeet words:

The TRA has once again imposed its power and issued the second Order to Batelco this year. The order forces Batelco to revise their Reference Access Offer (The services and prices offered to other ISPs, allowing them to use Batelco’s network)

Batelco had 2 weeks to implement these changes, and they have done so just as the deadline passed (July 26th). The new RO is available here on Batelco’s website, as well as the full original here (pdf) on the TRA’s website.

This is good news for everyone in Bahrain. There are many points in the order but the following are some highlights:

This is another battle won against Batelco!

Isn’t life so sweet? I was sure that our demands were and are fair, and I am thrilled that the TRA have developed a good backbone to knock Batelco on the head with a sledgehammer. And About time too.

Now at least there is a promise of better, cheaper and faster internet access in Bahrain.

Thanks goes to all who supported the initiative, and thanks of course goes to the TRA for protecting our interests and hope that it will continue to do so. You rock!


  1. Anonymous

    haha hesham i like the slogans on the logos, thankfully never seen something like that in real life but heard.. if UAE blocks some of the websites on the interent, what about SUADI ARABIA…?

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