Two things

The government is apparently using two things to prosecute websites:

Ok, fine. I wonder how the authorities will react if ALL blogs based in or concerned with Bahrain started writing about bandargate! Will they go ahead and prosecute us all?

How about it guys?

Do you want to register with them?
Will you write about the Bandargate report?

It would be fun to have 10s if not 100s of anonymous websites done by Bahrainis in or out of Bahrain doing that!

Just a thought.


  1. Alfanan

    Do you want to register with them?
    Will you write about the Bandargate report?

    No, and Yes!

    You know Mahmood, if you’re working in the gov sector, you can’t view from work’s internet connection. In our case, we’re directly connected to the CIO. However, on our seperate ADSL line, I can view your website just fine. This is what we get if we visit from work:


    You were denied access because:

    Access denied by access control list.

    Please contact Customer Services on 17-810002 Helpdesk.

    Good luck contacting this number to try to get anything resolved. To me, they’re the ones who need help!

    *drinking coffee*

  2. someone

    interested in the mass blogs on bandergate… just wondereing where we would get bandergate content from? Is it alright to copy your bandergate content over to these blogs that would be set up and due credit inserted, don’t mind extracting volumes of content on the subject from news portals around the world like arabnews, reuters, gdn, bahrain tribune (brown nosing newspaper sometimes..), etc

    Let us know how we may help please :grinnod:

  3. Waleed

    I don’t understand something – when we read reports of the government blocking “Bahraini” web-sites, what does that mean exactly? What is the definition of a “Bahraini” web-site? It’s very easy to set up a web-site on one 1000’s of hosting providers in the US, Europe or anywhere else outside Bahrain. So, is a Bahraini web-site one that is about Bahrain, managed from Bahrain, registered by a Bahraini or what? I can understand the authorities having juristiction over any site that might be hosted in Bahrain (such as by Batelco) but I can’t understand how they can claim to have jusristiction over a site hosted outside the country. I just can’t see why sites have to be registered with MOI and why the government thinks it has any right to block them if they are not hosted in Bahrain. I must be missing something….

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