We’ve got a plagiarist for an MP too!

MP Nasser Al-Fudhala is one of the illustrious GVC MPs who fought, and with the Herculean effort of the government won in the recent elections against Sami Siyadi – a liberal MP fielded by the National Democratic Action Society (Wa’ad), and an excellent lawyer by trade. Nasser is actually very multi-talented, if this site is to be believed; he is an excellent “cut and paste” artist! And again according to the site – and they’ve got documented proof – he didn’t use his talents just once, but seven times!

Well then, he will have his work cut out for him in parliament (pun intended), I just wonder who will be the good soul who will allow him to copy and paste their suggestions and unashamedly adopt them as his own?

No prizes for guessing who that might be…


  1. Costa-guy

    Tell me about him..

    From what I heard too that he is on the pay-roll of Arabian Gulf University (AGU) for doing nothing. If you noticed, his election biography states he works in AGU but his newspaper (bio) never mentions that.

    In the previous elections he is known to attack the Shi’i & Liberal communities but due to the composition of his consistuency he threw what was in his chest in Saeedi’s tent.

    Not forgetting his “famous” accusation which helped him & his friends win their spots in the parliament http://www.alwefaq.org/wefaq/modules/news/article.php?storyid=1010

    He’s not a mosque-shaikh either, he’s (unofficially) not working but recieving money only, he lies about election competitors & now we find out that he might not be writing but stealling articles from people who are more able to express their feelings & ideas.

    To be honest, that’s how you should run a dirty election campaign to become a Member of Parliament 🙂

  2. Maverick

    He is then a true politician who knows how to get others to do things for him and then take the credit like some university professors who make grad and undergrad work and put their name on the discovery. Perhaps he learnt it at AGU 😆 😆 😆

  3. Yousif

    ههه صدق مسخرة

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