‘Bahrain Panoramas’ Flickr Group started

And you’re invited to join. It’s free. It’s fun. And it’s free! (did I already say that?)

I like taking panoramic photographs. I’m not good at it because I didn’t apply myself yet (I don’t carry a tripod normally!) but just looking at the 5 I’ve already done, I think a group effort would promote Bahrain quite nicely, in a different way I guess. But the group is not limited to cityscapes, landscapes, seascapes or desertscapes. It could be the place you work and the play you have fun at. The proviso is that the shot is of Bahrain and is of good enough quality.

Here’s the description of the group I entered in Flickr:

Bahrain Panoramas Flickr Group icon This is a group for wide panoramas of Bahrain.

We don’t care whether the pano was taken by a mobile phone or professional camera, what we *do* care about is the quality of the resultant picture, so please contribute only panoramas you think are good quality. Your picture will have a better chance of being kept in the group if you take the time to describe it adequately. Think that you are describing your picture to a complete stranger who is on a visit to Bahrain for the first time.

The admins of the group of course will have the final say of what goes and what stays.

We’ll select a “best pano” every month and/or every quarter (we’ll decide which when we know the level of contributions the group will have in the next few months) and maybe we can rustle up prizes for the winning pano!

Note: Members can post 3 photos to the pool each day.

If you just want to follow the group from afar, you can do that of course! Here’s the Feed Icon RSS Feed to make it easier for you.

Anyone want to contribute the first prize for the winning photo of the group?


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