Preparing the new flower bed

Prepairing the new flower bed

Prepairing the new flower bed, originally uploaded by malyousif.

This is the second step in preparing the bed; my gardener and a helper did the initial work of removing the grass and cutting the shape I laid down and moving the sprinklers.

This morning, Arif and I tilled the earth, mixed in some peat-moss and potting soil as well as handfuls of NPK fertilizer.

I left the earth as is for it to "breathe" today, I will rake it tomorrow and start laying down the drip-lines and planning what goes where.

Gnasher helped too!

Have a wonderful Friday my friends!


  1. knightrider

    That back wall is crying out for a wire frame and a honeysuckle……

    Nice to see you “relaxing” – mind your back!


  2. Johnster

    Mahmood – gorgeous dog. Can I borrow him when you’re on holiday?

    advice needed. theyve built a house virtually in my bedroom. i need something fast growing to cover the boundary wall of the new monstrosity. it looks like your wall in the photo. I want (i) some fast growing creeper type thing and (ii) a very fast growing tree (bamboo?)

    any ideas ?

  3. Post

    Anon, he eats children!

    Mike, I’ve got a cape honeysuckle (Tecomaria) growing opposite the spot I was standing at, but am growing it as a tree rather than a climber. Doing good too! I’ll put some morning glory on that wall, either that or maybe another type of honeysuckle to get that gorgeous smell in the evenings.

    Johnster, NO! As to the creeper, morning glory might work and it does spread very fast, its growing season is normally the summer though, so wait a month before planting it. As far as the tree is concerned, connicorpus (I hate them) is a very fast growing almost zero-maintenance tree you can plant. I normally cut the ones outside the house once a year and chop off up to 3 meters of growth at a time!

    Ali, thanks mate!

  4. Romster

    LikeI told Mahmood earlier, you’llneed a nice hobby when under HOUSE ARREST.

  5. Hisham

    Ah, a gardening post! All’s well in mtvland 🙂 Seriously, your gardening posts have made me want to try my hands at gardening one day, but first I’d prolly need to get one of these things first: a house. No wait, a mortgage 🙂

  6. AGA

    I really like that wall and have often studied it in the many photo’s that you have shared. I have a piece of property that suffers from traffic noise, and at some point in time, I intend to erect some form of barrier. A fence is clearly inadequate from the sound proofing standpoint, but a (perhaps more modest and less elaborate) wall would serve the sound and sight objective and might actually be something that I cared to look at. I assume that it is poured concrete, but is there an additional surface covering? I really like the cornice too; the iron railing and lamps really tie everything together and provide a wonderful backdrop to your garden.

  7. Citizen Quasar

    Thank you, Mahmood. I saved this one to my flowers folder. I really like your garden.

    Yet, you have a very tense look in your eyes. You should be relaxing.

    This look is disturbing. Like man, I mean Vincent Price or something.


    You are out on bond? True? Yes.
    Keep an eye on the US fleet across the Persian Gulf.

    They are all in this together (The soldiers don’t know. They just need a job.)

    It is a GLOBAL plan of subversion.

    YOU can think, challenge, organize, lead…

    THAT is why these fvcks hate you.

  8. Citizen Quasar


    Thank you again. I saved this picture as “Angry Mahmood.”
    I will use this photo to a post on my blog as the situation develops in the Middle East. The only other article/photo that I have mentioned about you on my blog was then one in an office when you got back on a Segway.

    Go think.

    Thank you.


  9. Post
  10. docspencer

    Hey Mahmood, we love your dog, German shepards are our favorite too, and the colors of what you planted are very nice.

    The snake idea was great for small rodents, but your doggie, who is probably your best friend, may not be a good combo with it.

    Now to the important stuff. Didn’t your specialist re back pain yell at you about losing weight and doing situps, curl ups and some other physical therapy to strangthen your back?? I am sure that he did. You photograph very well, but you got to do this or the back problem recurs worse each time with more degeneration. The good news is that minimally invasive spinal work has advanced an awful lot in the last 3-5 years. Easy stuff to do; good results if you go to a man who does at least 300 spinal provedures per year. This is a very important statistic. You will find the really good surgeons at or above this number.

    But a serious diet and sit ups, curl ups would go a long way to delay surgery until these procedures become even better and faster if you do not have any stenosis pressing on nerves. How are you doing on the medical front? Guys like you are very much needed in Bahrain and the region, so please take care of your health.

    Best wishes,


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