Freedom of Speech on the wane in Bahrain

Al-Wasat‘s cartoon today is rather appropriate and indicative of what a large part of society is feeling:

Freedom of Speech cartoon at Al-Wasat newspaper 11 Feb 07

Two supposed journalists are asking the person in the middle for a statement, and you can see what the poor guy in the middle (society?) is thinking of if they do dare open his mouth.

Has treading carefully become a way of life for Bahrain now? Whatever happened to the constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of speech?

  • Hashim
    11 February 2007

    What an honest cartoon. Isn’t that the truth! 😉

  • Anonymous
    11 February 2007

    Mahmood I’ve been following your recent mishap over the past few days, and well, I offer these words of support to you and all people who cannot express thier thoughts freely. DON’T STOP, just do what you have to do, to avoid the twisted laws, domestically and internationally, you and others like you are the voice of the bahraini people, the masses, the majority and never ever forget that!

  • milter
    11 February 2007

    Self-censorship can be as damaging for free speech as that imposed by laws.

    But, if the boundaries of what is considered illegal and unacceptable are being constantly pushed by honest people looking for more openness and transparency, you’ll get there eventually.

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