Summit wonderings

I love la vache qui rit, don’t you?

Arab leaders at the Riyadh Summit

I don’t particularly care about the recently concluded summit in Riyadh in which all but one Arab leader attended. 21 of 22 is not bad, but anyway, I don’t care about what they discussed nor any grandiose declarations they emitted; the betting is that it’s nothing earth-shatteringly-new.

What I want to know is how do 80 year-old men manage not to have even one white hair between them? I’m half their age and I am almost completely bald, and what fuzz I do have is almost purely white.

Now if they can just share with us their hair-care regimes and secrets, the summit would have concluded constructively, for a change!


  1. milter

    Well, this will probably not help you in your agony, but it’s not just the colour of men’s hair that can change with age, it’s also the location.

    I was made aware of this phenomenon by a remark by an elderly women in the bar at The Bahrain Yacht Club some years ago. She said:

    “I don’t understand it. Why is it that the hair that used to grow on top of my husband’s head now seems to be coming out through his ears and nostrils”?

  2. M

    Well look on the positive side, Mahmood. Apparently either you can have intelligence, good looks, be a hunk and be loved by the masses :w00t: , or you can be a dimwit political leader with a lot of hair. Some people are never satisfied. :biggrin:

  3. SoulSearch

    Its sad. The state of affairs of the Arab World is in tatters while our honorable Arab leaders meet and greet each other in posh conference halls to be seen by the media and the rest of the world while Iraqis are dying everyday, palestinians are lost all over the world, lebanese are at each others’ throats, poverty is ripe, unemployment is horrendously real, and many other sad sad issues plague us. They even have the nerve to beg Israel to make peace!!! Sleep with the enemy why don’t you!!!

    I was so upset I caught the flu when they concluded their “summit”, I couldn’t even blog it!!!


  4. finlandi

    dont feel bad mahmood, im 22 and have 6 grey hairs….. stress can be a real bitch sometimes….

  5. Barry

    My mother’s friend turned completely white haired by his late 20’s. At least you don’t have that dingy gray color some men get.

  6. Tracy

    Sweetie, ask your wife who she would rather be with, you, a balding, almost white haired man, or any Arab leader with not a speck of white… :heart:

    It’s not what you look like, it’s what’s inside. šŸ˜‰

  7. Post
  8. Tracy

    Very nice, servants galore, never having to wash your underwear, ever, a new car every year, unlimited travel, more than two bathrooms, a plus in my book, but think of how much you would have to lower your standards to live there.

  9. secret

    lol….the iraqi “president” is a kurdi who doesnt know arabic….so why the hell is he laughing when his “country” or whats left of it is in ruins?

  10. docspencer

    Just wait until you hit 60 or so men! The hair that will be growing out of your ear is ….. pubic hair!!! When it happened to me I thought, “What the hell else is going to grow from there?!”. It is a shocking experience the first time.

    Mahmood, your hair situation is party genetic, and partly your headboard! Put some pillows on the headboard mon!! I heard that a good head rub with Camel Piss concentrate helps enormously. Things will be growing there that you just cannot imagine now!!

    Seriously, hair transplants work very well. Especially female pubic hair, but you have to wash it daily. You could ask for doners right here. About four ladies giving up half would do it.

    Best regards,


  11. docspencer

    Secret, the Kurdish part of Iraq is doing very well. Investment is flowing in and there are many construction projects. The Peshmerga military is working very well with the Americans and are very effective. Both Barzani and Talabani are fluent in Arabic.

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