Driving directions

Google Driving Directions

I got handed a note by my daughter Hanan this morning which had instructions on getting driving directions from Google Earth to drive from New York to London. She particularly asked me to pay attention to point number 23, I hope you do too! :w00t:

On a serious note though, for my recent trip to Riyadh, I got the coordinates for the place I was to visit from a friend who forwarded them to me, I plugged them into Google Earth and saw where the general area was, plugged the long/lat into my car’s GPS and 4 or so hours later I was at the customer’s doorstep!

There is plenty of use for Google Earth, practical ones too, even in our areas where it still cannot give us excellent driving directions as pointed to above.


  1. Anonymous

    Very nice to leave america at “Christopher Columbus Park”. :biggrin: Real sense of humor!

  2. Concerned Citizen X


    I’m sorry but i will not be able to follow the instructions. You see, point 23 (as you have rightly highlighted), is a little awkward for me, I suck as swimming. Don’t get me wrong, i can swim forward and backwards, the problem arises when i’m tired and want to get back my breath i.e. floating or paddling in you place??).

    The highest i have been able to hold myself above water has been just up to my nose (i have a long snout, he heheh).Something always pulls me down, darn GRAVITY.

    Wow, the number 23
    a) 23 is the date our birthday
    b) also, the new Movie that is coming our soon
    c) also, today is the 10th, add 13 (unlucky number) and you get 23, ha haha ah hehheeheh heheehe.
    (Twilight zone, taa naa na naah… sugar, i cant get the Twilight zone theme into words correctly, but you get what i mean).

  3. Bahraini and proud

    who would wanna go to america anyway ??????? :wassat:

    the capital of capitalism on earth… what is so great about america??????

    maaaan bahrain is much better than america and i must say MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH SMARTER THAN AMERICA…..

    big example

    Q: where is Astonia? and do you think they form a danger ???
    A: Iet iz sum weir aroand da faaar eest, aand yis them piple are crazy terrorist, Izlamist, jihadist el qa’ada, eye-rack=(iraq) and hozb allah put togaythir…

    hahahahahahahahaha lololol

    At least we find point 23 funny they might believe it ????

  4. Ansgar

    It´s a beautiful country.
    (I am glad i visited in pre 9/11 times :tongue:)

  5. Post

    I actually loved my time in the States! I’ve been to the four corners (no, not the town!) and spent a couple of weeks in Seattle, passed by New York, about 3 months in Texas and traveled all around Fort Worth (by plane) to Oklahoma, Denver, Missouri, followed the breathtaking Mississippi and other places in and around that area, not to mention a few days here and there in California and Las Vegas.

    I loved every minute of my stay and travels and loved the country and people too. I would go back in a heart beat, unfortunately I don’t have many business trips there any more as most of the companies I deal with, although American, have subsidiaries or representative office in Europe.

  6. Ansgar

    Easy going. A crazy czech man swom whole amazones river (5k+ miles). :silly:

  7. Iris

    :w00t: I would prefer being directed to JFK and then from Heathrow into the City of London.
    My dad would consider crossing the Atlantic Ocean with a car if there were a bridge.
    Once, when he got his Citroen C5 (lovingly called “Zitrone” – lemon) for our Alpine village cottage he had to try out the navigational system and he drove from Bavaria to Santiago de Compostela in 2,5 days – and he would have continued, I am pretty sure about that, if this hadn´t been the end of Europe.
    He has also driven our “rice bowl”, a Nissan Quest, up north to Los Angeles and Las Vegas for some stupid spare parts – although I think that was the excuse for something else…

  8. Redbelt

    I posted this on shoutwire
    Insert this code in your story so people can shout it, its pretty funny.

    var MyShoutItURL = “http://www.shoutwire.com/comments/62330”;

  9. Sandrine Phellps

    Nothing new…I did the same thing for driving from Paris to London…but the directions make more sense…

  10. Julia

    Its not the swim I mind but why do I have to get to London via France!!

  11. anon

    It’s just part of the “informal” attitude adopted by Google, they are the best corporation when it comes to treating their staff, free food, great rest areas and great staff rooms, some staff actually can sleep there with full facilities such as showers, gyms, you name it, whatever’s on your mind, it’s probably implemented by Google at their HQ. Would love to work there 😀

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