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  2. Barry

    Neat picture!

    You remind me that I need to pay a visit to the nursery sometime soon (after I get paid), to price a couple of lemon trees. My two young plants bit the dust in the recent freeze, so I need to start over.

  3. Maverick

    Cool pic.
    Lemons, honey and raspberry jam helped me beat a bad throat infection this past 2 weeks.

    Wise plantation my friend. 🙂

  4. Abu Arron

    The last time I saw something like that the owner was prescribed antibiotics.

    Good luck with the harvest.

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  6. Abu Arron

    Sorry. Just being naughty in a medical profession manner. Would certainly make a uncomfortable growth.

    Repeat after me – Abu Arron must stop being childish :whistle:

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  8. Abu Arron

    Who’s a pretty boy?

    If Filbert (or just plain Fil to his friends) decides not to return to the wild, captive parrots can live to be over 70.

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