Hold the presses, Attiyatallah wants to be questioned!

عطية الله: لاتبوق ولا تخاف

Here you go, he said it himself: “don’t steal, don’t be afraid” (of questioning).

The honourable minister of cabinet affairs Ahmed Attiyatallah is not afraid of being questioned because he doesn’t have anything to hide. Well, give the man a biscuit, put him on stand and ask him the questions that the whole of Bahrain is waiting for answers for, don’t limit it to just perceived financial irregularities allegedly performed by the respected gentleman, he said that he is not guilty and is ready to take the stand, so why stand in his way?

It is the duty of the parliament to allow the right honourable gentleman to clear his name which has undoubtedly been sullied since September last year and has got our country into various states of vertigo.

Let the man clear his name; all those who opposed the motion to send him to the parliamentary investigation committee should now shut up, vote in favour of the investigation motion and let the man speak.


  1. Salman Al-Rahma

    On the other side of the equation, Dr. Salah Al bander is also demanding return to Bahrain to face the trial and defend himself. But what happened? He was convicted and sentenced to jail without defense. Go figure..

  2. Good night and good luck

    Mahmood , will you be virtually-auctioning that sexy red rag that gagged you all these weeks and donate the proceeds to charity?

  3. ~ Sweeety ~

    Dont steal, dont be afraid !
    LOL, he really made me laugh :silly:

    this is what we call ” tell the lie and believe it ! “

  4. The Joker

    Well, the “don’t be afraid” part makes total sense in this country.

  5. The Joker

    On another note, Mahmood, I’ve grown used to the gag. Would you consider putting it back?

  6. Anonymous

    full statement

    BNA Cabinet Affairs Minister//statement on parliament probe

    Manama, May 8, (BNA) The Kingdom’s constitution has clearly ensured MPs’ right to interrogate government ministers within the framework of the legal and constitutional principles protection, Cabinet Affairs Minister Shaikh Ahmed bin Atiyat Allah Al Khalifa affirmed today.
    Though he uttered respect for the MPs who presented the inquest, he opposed the base on which they built their probe and the competence they showed in dealing with the case.
    I received the news about the inquest wholeheartedly because it will make me contribute to the reinforcement of parliament practices in Bahrain, he said.
    He described the probe as politically biased and expressed readiness to say the whole truth and prove that he had been clean-handed and not involved in any financial corruption.
    Shaikh Ahmed said he had been surprised by the decision and after examining it fairly well he found it deviating from the expected track.
    I am pretty certain that future developments will convince the parliament and the public opinion of my innocence, when they will start matching words with Arab and Islamic values in total commitment to laws and constitutional principles which my litigants are called to hold on to as well, he noted.
    He affirmed that the laws and constitutional principles have been enacted to be obeyed by all the citizens, least the law of the jungle would prevail.
    ‘Those who do not adhere to law they should not be entrusted with carrying out executive or legislative duties’, he affirmed.
    The probe accused me of many things which the respected MPs spoke of them over and over in the press and media without providing evidence, he said .
    Among these accusations, he added, I was accused of wasting public money, combining trade and ministerial position and breaching tender regulations.
    the Upshot is that they gave the impression that I had exploited power and authority to serve personal goals and make illicit gain, he said.
    He regrettably noted that he went through all what had been said without recalling a single occurrence that he was part of and was and evidence on what he was indicted for.
    He reiterated his support of inquests in principle but opposed the misuse of such constitutional right, describing the probe as a ‘hustle bustle’ aimed at fueling public anger in an illegitimate way.
    ‘The content of the bill of indictment shows clearly that it is a political probe as was also affirmed by a large number of MPs, attorneys, journalists and citizens’, Shaikh Ahmed asserted.
    Can anybody be incriminated for running his own business and daily affairs with his proper money, he wondered.
    Shaikh Ahmed also said he would be ready not only to refute the accusations but also to impugn previous claims and rumors despite being acquitted by the court at the previous stages of the case.
    This is an opportunity for me to unveil the whole truth and to demonstrate that I have been up to the oath I took before assuming the ministerial post and carry out my duties in total fidelity to Allah and the nation, he noted, reminding the members of the inquest committee that they had taken the same oath.
    I affirm my innocence and overtly say that I am, thanks God, clean- handed and refuse to be linked to such deeds and hearing such rumors being said about me as the local saying puts it ‘if you don’t steal, you have nothing to fear’, the Minister remarked.
    I am fully ready to cooperate with the legislative power and meantime I value the MPs respect for the constitution as far as they remain committed to its principles, he said, drawing attention to the fact that the inquest is one of the tools that once misused it becomes doomed to failure as its success lies in the solid base on which is built and the sound bona fides behind it.
    He said ‘once the probe is misused, driven by political reasons or involving constitutional violations, it becomes a waste of time for the MPs, Shaikh Ahmed explained.
    I hopefully and objectively wish that the public will comprehend the implications and connotations of this inquest and to be aware of its timing and of the internal and external sides that do not wish to see our country enjoying stability, he noted.
    The Minister called for deliberating serious issues that would impact positively on the usual traditions of the parliamentary experience in the country and serve the Kingdom’s high interests.
    He also called for sparing Bahrain the occurrence of the same pitfalls of other countries where parliamentary blocs steered them towards strife and fueled hatred and sedition between the three powers, pulling back the wheels of their national progress.
    It is high time to lay down the basis of a rational legal convention for our parliament which is a by-product of a reform and national reconciliation phase and to work hand in hand on a brighter future for this land, far from politicizing issues and serving sectarian agendas at the expense of the Kingdom’s interests.


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  8. Good night and good luck

    Mahmood, you could wear it as a bandana, like a pirate, … oh – that’s in another thread……..

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