• chrisamillion
    2 June 2007

    Hey Man,
    I must confess, I’ve never actually watched one of your slide shows before 😳 ….They’re awsome! I really like the music in this one

  • Anonymous
    2 June 2007

  • JMO
    3 June 2007

    Hi…….i just googled bahrain and a blog and found you. YOu make me smile. I am an expat that is REALLY missing life there. I come back every chance I get.

    Boy how times have changed in BAH that you can write this stuff!

    Kudos to all of Bahrain for the democracy that is flourishing in one of the best places to visit and live!
    😆 JMO

    PS loved your video, you garden is gourgeous!

  • Barry
    3 June 2007

    Great video, Mahmood. I see your caperbush is thriving (the stamens are standing proud!)

    I did a little gardening today, added a bunch of new plants to help fill in the garden. I’m hoping to get some pictures tomorrow or the new plants.

  • mahmood
    3 June 2007

    Yes, they normally last only a day, the original shot I took was on the second day, I looked at the pictures I took of it (on the mobile) the previous day and they were gloriously healthy then.

    Now it’s flowering almost on a daily basis with new buds forming on the branches too.

    Wondrous sight on the porch now, welcoming.

  • M
    3 June 2007

    Thanks for taking the time to do the Friday video, and sorry I didn’t get to it until today. It’s fantastic as usual. I look at those flowers each week, and it has inspired me to make a few trips to the local nursery in hopes of finding something different and as lovely as your stuff. Not much luck with that in New England, but I would think Barry is drooling every time a Friday video appears. 🙂

  • Iris
    3 June 2007

    Lovely as usual.

    And it reminds me how I miss our German Shepherd “Bimbo” (named after the little Bimbo bread bear, not what you might have been thinking) who passed away last year. Unfortunately, right now we do not have the time to get another one of this great breed, though my cats seem to really miss a dog in their life.

Randy the Goat