Al-Buainain is against demographic change

MP Ghanim Fadhl Al-buainain, leader of the Asala Salafi bloc in the Bahraini parliament

I note, with pleasure and interest, that the leader of the Salafi movement and its Asala parliamentary bloc in Bahrain Mr. Ghanim Al-Buainain is unequivocally against the rule of force and demographic change:

وقد وصف رئيس جمعية الأصالة الإسلامية النائب غانم البوعينين الادعاءات التي ساقها مداري أنها ‘’محض كذب وافتراء وطمس للحقائق وتعدي على حقوق الآخرين، فأما الحديث عن الجزر الإماراتية فإيران استخدمت منطق القوة كما يحدث في شريعة الغاب، واعتمدت على تغيير البنية الديمغرافية فيها ونتذكر جيداً كيفية طرد السكان الأصليين للبر الإماراتي’
الوقت – ١١ يوليو ٢٠٠٧

He’s of course condemning the Iranian leadership’s advisor Shariatmadari’s claim on Bahrain and that on three Emirati islands occupied by Iran during the Shah’s period, but as the statement above displays Al-Buainain’s ardent convictions, maybe he will apply them to the demographic change happening in this country when parliament reconvenes?


  1. The Traveler

    Hi.. I would rather not use such classifications (salafi, emami..etc).. and the parliment is a group work.. if u r asking him,,! will he didnt raise the flag first of all for such a file.. So, ask the people who kept the file under their armpit all this time.. they flare-up the streets and toke the votes for such things.. Be fare.. “Fee el-Maidan rawnah shatartek ya Humaidan” as the old say..

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