Bolstering the blogosphere

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Good News™: More people noticing that blogging is no longer a phenomenon:

The blogosphere, as media expert Dr. Mark Lynch points out, is able to ‘escape the state driven red lines which even the most independent of Arab media is forced to acknowledge’. As such, they fit in with the EU’s agenda, enshrined in the Barcelona Process and European Neighbourhood Policy, of promoting a freer media in the Middle East. Not only does the internet allow Middle Eastern citizens to hold their (often unelected) leaders to account, it also provides a medium through which citizens can engage with politics and with each other. Empowering pluralism and strengthening civil society have also been among the much heralded side-effects of the blogosphere, both of which are central tenets in the EU’s relationship with the Middle East.

  • simon columbus
    20 July 2007

    That’s really important! They must see that blogging means freedom of speech. And then again I’m thinking of our ministers who don’t even know what a blog is… (our minister for technology once stated “Thank God I have people who operate the internet for me”). But blogging is the people’s weapon against such ignorants.

    Everybody knows what a huge impact the invention of mechanical printing especially in Europe had, when (nearly) everybody could get books and news. With blogging, everybody can make and publish them – will be interesting what’s becoming out of this.

  • ammar456
    22 July 2007

    Power to the people!

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