On Final, runway in sight!


Bee, originally uploaded by malyousif.

Hope you enjoy this one my friends. The season is changing and it is simply gorgeous outside this morning. I’m off again to do some damage to the garden!


  1. barry

    Very Pretty Mahmood. It’s usually too windy here to get good shots like that!

  2. Post

    Of course you can butterfly, be my guest.

    Barry, I was about to email you to see how you were, we haven’t heard from you for a while!

  3. Claudius H.Kratky

    Thank you Mahmood,
    A perfect title!I always come and visit your
    garden,it brings sanity into my world.

  4. barry

    Mahmood: I’ve been here and there. Trying not to be so passive on the internet these days. I’m also sewing 16th century Japanese clothes for the upcoming Halloween holiday here in the states.

    I really should get some new pictures of the garden. I put out a few new plants: Yucca rostrata (a grassy and fine leaved yucca without spiny tips), Manihot grahamii – a tree type hardy cassava, and Tetrapanax papyrifera – Rice Paper Plant, the source of Chinese rice paper fiber.

  5. um naief

    what a beautiful picture. i always love your bee photos, but this one is the best so far. and the flower… such beauty.

    this pic made my evening… glad i saw it.

  6. Post

    Aw shucks… glad you liked it. Sometimes things just happen and this was one of those occasions. I was about to shoot the portulaca when the bee came into the frame! I shot a few and this one I think was the best of the 3 or 4 I took of this little guy flitting from one flower to the next.

    I can’t imagine it would have the same impact as video for some reason, but I’m willing to try that too!

  7. Ingrid

    Mahmoud, if you ever get sick and tired of posting on the blog, you sure have a future/career in photography!! Seriously, see if there is a photo contest (national geographic perhaps, really!!) you could enter this in. It is one of your awesome pictures and if you think of how it makes your readers react, how much more would it tickle any judge at a contest. Promise me even if you have to be persuaded to do it as a lark, enter one..for godsakes!!
    any bee phobic could not but love this picture too, ha!!
    Ingrid 😀

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