Amman, Jordan

Amman, Jordan, originally uploaded by malyousif.

Just arrived in Amman a few hours ago. This is a series of stitched shots from the window of my hotel room on the 20th floor which produced this panoramic vista

Quite a nice (and green!) city isn’t it? The last time I was here I got to see the city and walk up and down the streets whenever I had a chance. This time; however, I will be spending most of my time at the Dead Sea, so that should be another facet of Jordan that I am looking forward to discover.

Strange thing is; though, this is the first time ever I stay at a hotel that not only has tremendous security outside with metal detectors and x-rays, but also has a portable spectrum analyzer!

I was really surprised when the taxi stopped at the entrance and the driver rolled down his window only to get the security guy with the analyzer dangling around his neck to reach in, swab the steering wheel AND the hand of the driver! Only when the swab was tested and the machine didn’t beep were we allowed in.

Yes I feel safe in the hotel, thanks very much… but I’m not too sure about going walkabouts in Amman any more though!

update 080326: Here’s the same view taken at around 6.30 this morning without the afternoon sun spoiling the horizon.

Amman - Morning Panorama

  • Nine
    25 March 2008

    The most beautiful thing in Jordan is not the Dead Sea for it could be really dead down there! It is the ancient Roman city of Jarash that you should not miss.

    Its ruins tell 1000 stories and make you just wonder as to how skillful these ancient people were. Its theatre is just amazing especially that it is still in use 1000 years after it was built!!

  • Amjad
    25 March 2008

    wow .. that’s indeed a beautiful panorama!

  • Lina
    26 March 2008

    Wow πŸ™‚ that’s quite a different view from the ones I’m accustomed to everyday.

    So you’re going to that Arab-US forum thing for journalists and people in the media?? Cool πŸ™‚ If you have a day or something in Amman before you leave, we could arrange to hang out with some bloggers.

    Meanwhile, enjoy the dead sea πŸ™‚

  • Moey
    26 March 2008

    Damn, If I knew you’re here I’d have had invited you for a coffee, walaw ahla w sahla

  • Amjad Mahfouz
    26 March 2008

    what an amazing view
    thx for the share man

  • Sami
    26 March 2008

    May be there were some of “our cousins” staying in that hotel… that’s why you get to see all these high security measures… not for your security Mahmood, rest assured :)…

    Enjoy your trip… It’s beautiful near the dead sea…

  • Yagoob's Dome
    26 March 2008

    When I went to Amman last February, I was quite alarmed as well with the amount of security at the hotel I was in (Royal Meridien) and at Makkah Mall with the metal detectors and all.

    I asked the taxi driver about this and he told me that a terrorist attack occured a few years back which killed about 7 people and since then King Abdullah has ordered tighter security at public places.

  • Ali
    26 March 2008

    Very nice panorama indeed , Great picture.

    Amman is beautiful , And i assure that you can talk a walk freely without any fears.

  • Dana
    26 March 2008

    I like this picture Mahmood.
    Its a different point of view of Amman.

    I liked the one with the afternoon horizon more because it made it look more magical.

  • za3tar
    26 March 2008

    Wow … such a great picture. Thanks for sharing.