Bahrain’s First Farmer’s Market

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I received an exciting email which announced the inauguration of the first ever Bahrain’s Farmer’s Market to take place on Saturday the 12th. It is very much hoped that this event will become a regular seasonal market with facilities that will promote local seasonal produce and handicrafts, enshrining the concepts of “buy local” and of course cutting the greenhouse gasses at the same time. This is local produce with all the goodness of being picked fresh and consumed fresh with no frozen, shrink-wrapped pseudo-green things in sight!

Produce, just picked!This effort is pioneered and organised by my friend Muneera Obaidli who also owns and operates the scrumptious (and uber healthy) Vida Sandwich Bar by the Passports office in Manama. Typical of an entrepreneur, she got the idea to help local producers and ran with it. Her premise is manifold: help local producers; help the environment, and help the farmers and their community by providing a good event and venue in which they can sell their products.

Muneera met several farmers from many Bahraini villages and home-based manufacturers of handicrafts and convinced them of the feasibility of the idea and secured their support and participation. On finding out that some of those who wanted to exhibit but couldn’t afford to pay the stall fee, she asked businesses, friends and relations to chip in and sponsor stands.

There is a very good chance that should this event prove successful, Muneera will use the proceeds collected to finance future Farmer’s Market event. She plans to use the money to make permanent fixtures of tables and parasols in the venue – which will reduce the stall fees for future events as whatever is positioned there now has been rented – as well as develop the event further.

So what can one expect in this first ever Farmer’s Market?

A great day out for the whole family.

Lots of fresh local produce as well as handicrafts, entertainment for the kids and a tasty Bahraini-style BBQ lunch. It doesn’t get better than this!

Don’t miss out on this fantastic event. Enjoy a chance to reconnect with the land and the produce of the season.

Entrance fees will be charged at BD3 for adults, 1.5 for children but free for those who are under 2 years old.

It’s going to take place on Saturday the 12th of April, 2008, next to Jassim Agriculture (this is the “old”NEW” Jassim’s on the main Budaiya Highway) between 10am through to 5pm.

If you are interested in having a stall for fresh produce or local and hand-made items (such as bakery items, preserves, chutneys or handicrafts) or sponsoring a needy person who produces such items, please email Muneera Ubaidly who will be happy to provide you with more information. Please include your contact details.

It promises to be fresh, fun, local and friendly!

The particulars:

  • 1.5 x 1 meter stalls are rented per day and will contain a table and 2 chairs for BD 60 25 (price reduced from original due to good response and sponsorship!)
  • Vendors keep all their sales and profits
  • All proceed from rentals and admission fees will go towards the organizers of this event.

I’m definitely going to visit and hope to see some of you there. Please drop by if you have a chance, you will be supporting your community and help reduce greenhouse gasses by buying fresh local produce while eating healthy!

  • Sam
    8 April 2008

    Old Jassim’s – not far from Dana mall?

  • mahmood
    8 April 2008

    That’s the one.

  • Muneeera
    8 April 2008

    Thank you Mahmood for this touching show of support! The market will be held right next to the new Jassim Agriculture right off of the main Budaiya Highway. There will be a banner up on the day to help everyone find it. Make sure to wear a hat and sunglasses as it will be an open market. 😎

  • mahmood
    8 April 2008

    Ah, thanks for the correction. That husband of yours gave me the wrong info… at least I’m putting the blame on him!! 😆

    Will amend the details in the main article now.

  • NewMe
    8 April 2008

    brilliant idea!

  • Anwar Y Abdulrahman
    8 April 2008

    I will definitely be there

  • mahmood
    8 April 2008

    Excellent! Long time my friend.. we should arrange another garden visit before the season really disappears!

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