M.Report – S01E06

Oooh, a minister DISRESPECTED parliament today. They went ape and I have footage to show it! Other than that, Batelco (aka Fashelco) decided to “look nice” but the process resulted in it receiving some deserved ridicule.


  1. Darth

    I guess with all the conflict in trying to fire Bin Rajab, and Sh. Ahmed bin Atyatallah, they found someone to question! Corruption… or being accused of manipulating elections does not compare to leaving the parliament building without permission after being insulted. How dare he!?

  2. Kiwi Nomad

    Of course Batelco has built a network of resilience & diversity, just not the way their PR machine thinks of it… resilience to customer complaints or suggestions for improvement! Their network is also pretty diverse… they have spread around their technical know-how by investing in other countries, and they have a diverse bunch of employees (they even employ Australians!).

  3. mariam

    Mahmood, I think the M-reports are excellent idea, love your sense of humor, cheers mate šŸ˜‰

  4. M

    Gotta say I have really enjoyed your M-reports. Not only does it give some of us a better view of the daily goings “on” in Bahrain, but the way you have presented things is not only enjoyable to watch but continues the good fight which is important no matter where you live.

    Flower pictures aren’t bad either :mrgreen:

    Thanks, Mahmood, for making a difference in this crazy world.

  5. naddooi

    Mahmood, you don’t know where they key catch phrases come from?! I am thinking here and here!

    Perfect resource for your next proposal! :mrgreen:

  6. Post

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