M.Report S01E12 – Hayfa Wahbi, a clear and present danger

Or at least that’s what our dear parliamentarians and their Islamist sympathisers think. So what’s so special about this lady then, that would make her so damnably dangerous that they’re all frothing at the mouth to bar her from performing in Bahrain?

Well my friends, I hope this vlog will demonstrate that there is really nothing unusual about her, other than being a beautiful lady who can’t sing! But those qualities could hardly be held against her, she is not the first and most certainly not the last person to use what Allah has given her to her advantage.

So sit back, relax, and watch what you will be missing if she decides not to bother with a little sand-pit called Bahrain because of a few neophytes’ deafening braying.


  1. Barry

    What a gorgeous woman.

    Perhaps they’re afraid her beauty will cause them to leave their wives, meaning, it will be HER fault for THEIR infidelity?

    Or maybe they just like to ruin a party? 🙂

  2. Lee Ann

    Im seriously wondering why other singers and concerts are allowed to go ahead without even a murmur from the “Royal Court of Jesters”..but Nancy Ajram and this little lady somehow manage to “stir the savage beast” lying inside some male members of said court? Am I missing something?

  3. Ali M.

    Im glad that they dont bother with the western concerts. A lot more sh*t goes on there than it would at this “family” concert.

  4. whatsupbahrain

    They are stirred by these concerts because the singers are arab and nancy/haifa are muslim so in their opinion this is haram !! i hate it when people want everyone to live the way they want them to live !!

  5. Loki

    part of me is actually quite sad that Arab female artists are selling the image of their bodies rather than their talent. I find the arabic music video industry quite sickening and its following the wrong role models (i.e. western music industry). A bit of self-respect wouldn’t go amiss.

    still, the MPs are full of cr@p.

  6. Proud Bahraini

    Yes she is a danger to us, can’t you see?

    She is worse than the tsunami, she brain washes our youths brains to listen to cheesy music and watch a semi naked women on TV ( WOOOOO ).

    but to think about it, I think at times she is quite educational, she teaches some people what a women look like, seriously lots of people don’t know what a women is like lol.

    never mind

    I had a good laugh.

  7. tambi

    if you freeze at 1:36 you can definetly confuse the cherry with something else. What a shame of arab music!

  8. T.J. Neruda

    This resolution cannot go through, it is simply wrong to ban persons from entering and performing in the country, for no other reason then parliament getting together and deciding they don’t like what she stands for. This is the sort of legislation, that if passed, provides for a slippery slope that paves the way for further butchering any semblance of freedom of speech and expression in the country. There is no end to this if it goes unchallenged.

    While I personally don’t like this woman’s music or what she promotes, it should not be up for parliament to decide her validity. If people do not want to attend, they don’t go, and if they do, then so be it, but it is their freedom to choose to do so, not the parliaments to deny them that right.

  9. Ibn

    One day Hezbollah decided to use Haifa Wehbi as a secret agent against Israel. They told Haifa to penetrate Israel, and bring them back an Israeli hostage.

    Haifa Wehbi disappeared into Israel from Lebanon, and wasnt heard from again.

    About 2 months later, Haifa Wehbi emerges empty handed, without any prisoner.

    The Hezbollah leader calls her into his office, furious, saying, “Where have you been?? You came back empty handed! Where is the hostage!”

    She says “He’s here! You see Im pregnant Mr Sayed…”



  10. laila

    “I find the Arabic music video industry quite sickening and its following the wrong role models (i.e. western music industry). A bit of self-respect wouldn’t go amiss.

    Loki , you got to be sad. First of all, it’s not following Western music industry it’s a carbon copy of it. Every thing is copied from it, even the music video concept, the incorporation of dancing, the story lines etc etc. What role models do you guys have that is working for the public entertainment? Is there any Arab new artistic models or movements or inspirations that are being mimicked throughout the region or world? You know what’s “sickening” that region of the world is not producing any thought-provoking works. You don’t even have free will lol, or even freedom of speech. Creativity is not encouraged, the humanities are not encouraged, people are oppressed, and they are silenced. Creativity comes from freedom. All the ideas come from the Western world and you just re-produce them. Who’s your daddy lol?

    At least (Arab artists) are doing something and running with it or do you expect them to sit around and wait and wait until one of their own comes up with an idea (creative, skill, technique, ability)? Have your parents taught you to use your thought process and change the channel if you don’t like it? Or is that too hard, did they not think you’re intelligent enough to do that on your own?

    A bit of self-respect wouldn’t go amiss.

  11. laila

    Arab female talent? Who are you kidding? Arab female productivity levels are extremely low, especially in the gulf region!!! Some of them can’t even vote or were just given the vote. What have Arab females given to Humanity, in the sciences, medicine, literature, nothing!! Most likely “More than 50% of Arab females are illiterate; a generation that is raised by ignorant mothers is useless, even harmful.” Their not encouraged, I should say that their families and culture discourages them more likely. Be careful the neighbours might talk lol. Talent whether natural or not is further developed through training and encouragement. There’s no creativity no productivity! Arab Female Talent, haven’t they been humiliated enough. Perhaps their exceptionally talented in cooking and cleaning, and obeying their fathers, brothers and husbands. What are you talking about? Arab Female Talent????????? ❓

  12. Beck

    reading more of this filth coming from parliament is just killing me! just read today’s newspapers about them considering banning alcohol completely!

    Can we just switch roles here and target THEM as heretics pleassseee???? it is THEY who have to be punished for wasting their positions and concentrating on either sick stuff which they dont how to handle (due to their sick demented minds) or stuff which are counter productive. Let’s do a which-hunt and target these idiots. It’s sooo easy to ‘notice’ them:
    1. long beard
    2. short dish dasha
    3. cursing about sins and haram this and haram that
    4. accepting burning the danish flag (the EU flag too would be a big bonus!)

    The list goes on… enough with THIS filth from these idiotic parliament!!

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  14. Muhamad [peace be upon me]

    I fear her feminine charms and flaunting of her sexuality. She makes me feel inadequate as an Arab. She is both Jahannam and Jahiliya.

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