1. Abu Arron

    Don’t be too disheartened Mahmood. True, there’s significant scope for improvement – but Bahrain is a lot more democratic and open than other GCC countries.

    We can all think of a couple of countries where everything is behind closed doors, nothing is reported, and your comments would guarantee a few days(?!) restriction of liberty.

    Democracy in the Middle East is way behind the rest of the world in terms of maturity, understanding and process. But what do you expect? It wasn’t that long ago that areas were run by tribal/feudal “process”, and even the current state is a major improvement upon the way things were.

    As I said above, there is indeed scope for improvement, but don’t expect 0-100mph so quickly or you’ll drive yourself crazy. By openly challenging parliamentary decisions and approach we have to hope that they’ll improve. Maybe too slowly for your liking, but improve they MUST.

  2. heraish

    The most significant move of ahmed bin attiyatallah is his naturalization program of expats. This will encourage them to keep, at least, some of their money in Bahrain rather then just sending all of it overseas.

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