M.Report S01E16 – BJA launches an Anti-sectarian code of ethics

The Bahrain Journalists Association launched a much needed anti-sectarian code of ethics as part of them recognising the World Press Freedom Day. Bloggers should join too.


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  2. Proud Bahraini

    I respect the journalists for what they have done. It is a great step toward the elevation of the writing standard, I mean when it comes to what is written in lots of papers of ****, that has no ground of reality.

    But to think about it most of these WELL KNOWN sectarian boboheads have left the writing in news papers and now they are turned into other ways to broadcast them selves and spread their poison, for an example; Audio recording, live speeches, banners and etc…

    It was very funny when a friend of mine was handed a CD while driving his car in an Arabian capital which contains nothing but false information and documentary that is so far from any truth, The CD basically dissed my friends whole nation, how is the society to deal with these people?

    Thank the lord such thing does not happen in Bahrain or does it?

    For years both sects have lived peacefully in a very small island but why now the sectarian hate?

    what happened? I wonder!

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