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With only two days remaining to the big day, August 31st, on which we will be opening the book to receive signatures and pledges not to engage in hate speech in our websites and encourage others not to do so as well, we have received the full support of all the political societies, MPs and the government for the Code, all of whom promised to lend us the support in order to ensure that this effort becomes successful, for a better Bahrain.

The launch will take place at the Gulf Hotel’s Conference Centre from 7.30pm to 11pm on August 31st. Please come and lend your support.

We will also be announcing the winning Code logo design and present the winner with the top prize and everyone who participated in this competition with an appreciation certificate. The designs submitted were top class and I will proudly show it on my websites.

Here is a snippet of some leaders in the society offering their unstinting support for the Code.


  1. Rashid

    The launch will take place at the Gulf Hotel’s Conference Centre

    You must be financially well-supported!

  2. Post

    The contributions so far come from Al-Waqt newspaper and the Just Bahraini campaign. We’re pretty transparent about our finances.

  3. Salman

    Mahmood, couldn’t it have been done in a mosque or something, saved up the money for other uses.

    Good luck anyway 🙂

  4. Post
  5. Abdullatif

    Money doesn’t matter when it comes to initiatives like this. As long as they are properly supported and followed through then whatever money was well spent!

    Good luck Mahmood.

  6. milter

    I’m sorry I can’t be there in person but, my thoughts will be with you.

    Keep pushing those boundaries!

  7. milter

    …. and make 200% certain that your efforts aren’t hijacked by one or more organisation with a purpose that differs from yours.

    Remember, your best ally isn’t always the one that will help you combat your common opponants.

  8. heraish

    This is a great initiative. I do however advise you to get some religious scholars involved as well.

    Anyhow best of luck.

  9. victoria

    Good initiative but are there any women leaders in bahrain also offering support..? Your `snippet only shows a picture of gravely serious looking men,,,,

  10. Post

    I was just a messenger here as that graphic was taken from Al-Waqt. They didn’t do any interviews with women but I am absolutely sure that they support the initiative too. Their not being included in the interview sample must have been an oversight.

  11. milter

    While we’re at the subject of hate speech and definition of codes of conduct and freedom of speech the following two links may be of interest.

    The UN’s newly created UN Human Rights Council is preparing for a conference that has been dubbed Durban II . For those that remember the events and outcome of Durban I this doesn’t bode well.

    The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is playing a major role in setting the agenda and so far nothing indicates any deviation from its perception of human rights.
    A lot of articles can be found on the net about this event, here is one from The Washington Times

  12. Post
  13. victoria

    Their not being included in the interview sample must have been an oversight

    sorry Mahmood but that´s an understatement if ever I heard one…

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