On Holiday!

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I’ll be on holiday and a deserved break for a little while with the family. I’ll be checking in from time to time but for all intents and purposes, I wish to dedicate that time for the family, we haven’t had a holiday together for quite a while.

We’ll be off to Bonny Scotland first and then to Victoria, BC, Canada.

I wish you well my friends, and thanks again for your continued friendship.


  • Ange Embuldeniya
    31 July 2009

    Hope you have a blast while on holiday, M 🙂

  • Isa Alhammadi
    31 July 2009

    Have a nice holiday =)

  • Bu Yousef
    1 August 2009

    Enjoy it… Have a lovely time with the family.

  • Amira
    1 August 2009

    Dude. Have a great time 🙂

  • Suhail Algosaibi
    2 August 2009

    Have a great one guy!

  • Ali
    5 August 2009

    When did you come back on air?

  • Santhosh0123
    9 August 2009

    wish you a happy journey.. come back with more info to post here.
    good luck

  • Redbelt
    17 August 2009

    Scotland is bonny indeed.

  • Ali Alhalwachi
    20 August 2009

    Always been a fan of your posts, have a nice break :p

  • Lorena
    30 August 2009

    Oh mahmood .. im so happy that you are back on your blog .. and more happy that you are having fun with your family ! Vancuver is so cool ! i love it and the kids will be able to go sky in winter! i being there! they will love it! .. i hope the girls are felling good , and enjoying they uni time! many blesses and ramadan kareem for you and all yours!


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