An experiment in live broadcast

What do you need to broadcast live video and audio? A truckload of equipment? A staff of highly technical personnel complimented with nice eye-candy to man the front end all with salaries in the thousands?

Nope. Not any more.

All you need is an iPhone, an iPhone app, a 3G connection and an account at! Seriously! See my first ever attempt at live broadcasting above, and subscribe to my live channel where you’ll find the other parts of this “broadcast”.

The limitations is that if you’re doing it on Zain’s 3G network, don’t get too excited. It’s as slow as treacle and you will get plenty of drop-outs at the higher frame resolution, I suggest you reduce the resolution to 176×144 rather than 320×240. I would love to hear from anyone with the other operators to compare.

This, my friends, is a game changer.

But the real question is, how long will this take our informed and illuminated Misery of Information to block this service “because it’s not commensurate with our moral values as Bahrainis”?

Not too long I don’t think. At least let’s enjoy this technological innovation while it lasts.

Given half a chance, I’m sure that every single village in Bahrain will have several streams going in no time at all to broadcast everything from religious precessions, weddings, community issues and even their own local news channel covering topics which interest them.

Given half a chance, we will have hundreds of broadcast stations with thousands of highly trained and talented people running them, opening a complete new stream of highly lucrative job creation opportunities in TV, broadcast and new media.

Given half a chance, we can innovate and show the world our capabilities.

Given half a chance. We could lead, for a change.

  • Deborah
    17 December 2009

    Here’s an idea for you Mahmood. Maybe you could fix a time & date where we all decent onto your blog to watch a live stream of some sort?

    Maybe a camera trained on to your bird bath?

    I’m sure picture quality will be much better streaming from your home ADSL connection instead of our dodgy 3G networks.

  • mahmood
    17 December 2009

    Hey! That’s a brilliant idea! Why didn’t I not think of this… and to be more creative, I could have a target for every day of the week. We’ll start tomorrow by streaming paint drying, then the aquarium, then the birds, etc.

    Any other nuggets? I live to please you!

  • Gonzalo
    7 January 2010

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