Photo Friday: Mumms

  • sleepyinsaudi
    20 November 2010

    Glad you’re back Mahmood. After that last article, I was concerned that you had taken some heat from the “you can’tsay that on the internet” police. It was a very eye opening article BTW, I didn’t realize that’s how things worked in Bahraini “elections.”

    Oh, and more filbert please.

    • mahmood
      21 November 2010

      Many thanks for your concern my friend. The “break” was less sinister than you assume really. The basic thing of it is that I was rather busy with the year ending soon and mostly lethargy and a smidgeon of depression too! A lot I know, but I hope that this post will have slapped me out of it!

  • Bu Yousef
    23 November 2010

    This image has cheered me up too… Thank you Mahmood 🙂

  • nhusain
    29 November 2010

    Don’t be depressed ya Mahmood. We love you!

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