Daily Tribune trumps the multitude of incumbents, puts them to shame

If you’re in Bahrain, you must be aware of the infamous “terrorism plotters” case, of whom my friend and fellow blogger Ali Abdulemam is one of the accused. This case, like others like it, has the now customary gag order by the court which the cowardly press go to great lengths to “respect”, rather than do their duty and challenge such a draconian measure. So it’s with quite some pleasure that I read the following coverage in today’s Daily News in which they detail the mass resignation of the original lawyers and their attempted replacement by the court with fresh recruits. Their efforts were rewarded by 22 out of the newly appointed 25 refusal to take up the case of their assignees due to “non-cooperation and non-commissioning” of the defendants. But, that didn’t stop the court from throwing justice out of the window and charge ahead with the case, even if the defendants have no legal representation!

If that doesn’t smack of political underpinnings to this case, I don’t know what does.

Here’s the article in today’s DT, which is, by the way, much more of a pleasure to read rather than the flaccid GDN. I even subscribed and not regretted it since.

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Have a wonderful Christmas, and spare a thought to those souls languishing in prison for exercising their rights.


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    Reminded of we hear from Folk tales like”جحا” or “قراقوش”

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