Time for the soul

Today. I spent a little time with inspiration. Today. I felt humble. Today. I swam in the mists of contemplative philosophy. Today. I got to know myself a little better. Today. I rubbed shoulders with giants. Today.

I remembered my father.

  • MishMish
    25 August 2011

    Mahmood – nice poem. Your father was an artist, wasn’t he ?

    See how the mind alters, opens and expands when you get out.

    Maybe there is some lesson in there. Not everyone can get out. Can you bring a slice of the experience back with you….Art, creativity, some project that people can share in..

    just my musings…

    have a wonderful, inspirational time !

    • mahmood
      25 August 2011

      I always do! And yes, instead of the next gift of BD1000, maybe they should issue Gulf Air tickets to a destination that does not involve religious tourism.

      Just a thought!

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Time for the soul