Moses & Jesus playing golf

“Moses and Jesus are playing golf.  Moses steps up to the tee and hits a beautiful shot 250 yards, straight down the middle of the fairway.  Jesus steps up to the tee and hooks the ball into the trees.  Jesus looks up into the heavens, raises his arms.  Suddenly, the sky darkens.  A thunderclap rings out.  Rain pours down and a stream rises among the trees.  The golf ball, floating on top, finds its way into the mouth of a fish.  Then a bird flies down and takes the fish and the ball out over the green, drops it in the cup for a hole in one.  Jesus turns to Moses with a satisfied grin and Moses says, ‘Look, want to play golf or do you want to fuck around?”

The Newsroom :: Episode 3

Sounds like a speech that the Opposition and the Regime might be having, with hands on hips, holsters unbuckled and revolvers loaded with one having a half worn golfing glove while the plebs, hands on hearts and the other having its finger nails chomped feverishly to see what they will have to suffer next.

Welcome to Bahrain politics!


  1. Ali

    Dear readers of this website,

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  2. Wayne Job

    A very good joke, to link it to your politicians say’s much. Christians and Jews laugh at clever jokes aimed at their religions without denigrating their belief. When Arabs and Islam can laugh at themselves without fear of retribution they will have joined the real world. Total separation of religion, politics and law should be the first step in any modern country. Stay well Mahmood.

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