Retaking Bahrain

In a surprise move, Prince Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa was given a new important role in the executive branch of government as the first deputy prime minister, this, along his other official capacity as the crown prince and deputy king. I have no doubt that this much and universally respected personality in Bahrain and beyond will now be given a chance to exert his efforts to find a solution to the quagmire we have had in this country for two long and painful years. In his acceptance cable to the king, he gives us a glimpse of his program basing it on democracy and the respect for human rights.

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to roll up our sleeves and put our hands together not only to repair this country, but take it back from the clenched fists of miscreants and extremists who think of nothing but their own myopic goals.

  • Mark
    15 March 2013

    Fantastic news!!! Best news to come out of Bahrain in a while as well. And the CP looks like he has dropped a few pounds which is also good news.

    Any blowback from this announcement?

  • YoYo
    16 March 2013

    Very good news, may be now he will be allowed to finish the job of reform.

  • Exclamation Mark
    12 May 2013

    Well, not too optimisitic about it. He needs to show that he is in control, and that he has influence over decisions taken and control. If there is a real intention to reach to a resolution, he needs to prove it. The ball is in his court now.
    The people look at this step as a way to assure the king’s and CP’s influence rather than a step towards democracy and an elected Govt. or a constitutional monarchy.

    But is there influence? The test was with the decision taken by the PM’s office to stop the so called interference of the US Amabassador in Bahrain, which was announced by Samira Rajab last week, things still do not seem to be in the CP’s hands. Otherwise, why agree to slam your allies? Or is it that the CP was not aware of such decision? Not good on either ways.

    It is still an irony that Salman bin Hamad will be able to influence decisions as a deputy PM and not as a crown prince!

    It is a mess!!

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Retaking Bahrain