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One of the things I love about blogging is the creative and intellectual energy that the process generates which I in turn invest in every post. Yes, the results may vary, but each post holds an issue that I cared enough about to voice. I miss this. When I stopped blogging, virtually since that fateful day in 2011, a part of me went into deep hibernation. And I compensated for that by becoming a consumer of information.

I don’t like that.

And I want to change the situation. I want to go back to being a producer rather than just a passive consumer.

Now although I haven’t blogged as much as I would have liked, that is not to say that I stopped being curious or interested in what’s happening around me. In fact, that lull allowed me to look through another prism which opened up other avenues of interest, and also allowed me to reexamine even some hard-held convictions. I feel this stoppage was indeed a much needed breather to extract myself from my eye of the storm, if not completely, at least to a level which made me realize that the world is even more gray than I thus far believed.

My interest in Bahraini politics has almost completely dissipated. Not because I now feel that the issues have become unimportant – not for fear of reprisals once again for voicing my opinions, though I admit that is always there – but because of the realization that there is no real interest from any side to effect resolutions. Both sides are intransigent to an extent, and the blame – as far as I’m concerned – lies with the ruling regime. It is them, to a very large part, who hold almost all the keys which could bring positive change leading to resolution; however, they currently lack the vision and courage to bring that about.

My interests now have evolved, and I choose this word with intent, to effecting change through entrepreneurship; the launch of a grass root effort to benefit as many of my compatriots as possible. My concentration will be on the younger generation which can well be lost through the rudderless political quagmire if not offered rays of hope to ease the journey into their future. 

In effect, this blogging stopping gave me the required pause to change. Change from simply saying and pontificating to actually doing.

It is this that I shall concentrate my blogging efforts on now. I shall recall my trials and tribulations of this new and active direction, and seek your guidance and help in making this change happen.

Allow me to get into specifics; I have taken on the responsibility of the presidency of the Bahrain chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation. An honour and responsibility I take rather seriously. It is not every day that one is given an opportunity to lead leaders. 

The programs we’re implementing this year can have a profound impact on the local youth entrepreneurship scene; two in particular: the Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards and Accelerator. 

GSEA essentially removes the fear of entrepreneurship in rewarding youth seeing their innovative ideas into implenentation. Accelerator on the other hand is to help established entrepreneurs grow their revenue to surpass one million dollars annually. 

I’m excited that the board approved the launch of both this year. In fact, we’ve already announced GSEA and invited applicants to enrol before October 10th. If enough enrol in this enaugural year, we’ll host the live competition by October 20th. The deserving winner will then be sent at the Chapter’s expense to Washington, DC in November to compete in the Global finals. Have a look at, for more details, and if you know of any candidates, please encourage them to apply or get in contact with me. 

I shall keep you updated. 

There you have it. The first blog in the new era of Mahmood’s Den. 

Now I’ve got to jump into a taxi to the airport. Bangkok this year was great, but it’s always better to head home. 

It’s good to be back. 

  • globeonmytable
    5 October 2013

    Welcome back.

  • tariq
    5 October 2013

    Good to know you’re alive and wee. Be safe.

  • AGA
    7 October 2013

    The guy in that photo above is dangerously thin!

  • Anonymous
    8 October 2013

    Glad to see you back! I was happy to get an e-mail saying that has a new post up and was ever so cautiously hopeful that you would make a return to blogging. As a Bahraini living abroad i have often thought of your words as a link to my home country, and eagerly wait for more. Keep it up Mahmood, may you never need another pause from blogging again 🙂

  • Bonsaimark
    8 October 2013


    Glad your back at the keyboard!!!

    Now that I have built the “BBQ Smoker” your presence is requested to help “break it in”. Book your flight and I will pick you up at Logan… Chop Chop!

    • mahmood
      9 October 2013

      Very kind of you Mark. I promise that this will happen one day!

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