Happy what?

Here comes Ramadhan.

The month where almost no work gets done
When productivity of just about the whole Muslim nation grinds to a halt
And efficiency is not even a concept to be tolerated
Where people willingly stay up all night, and sleep all day
Where gluttony is the rule
And piousness is only the facade people wear
It has become indeed the most un-Islamic month in the calendar, by the habits that people bear and what they made it to be.

No wonder people celebrate when it’s over. So let me press fast-forward, and wish everyone a fantastic Eid! Did you enjoy the month-long break?


  1. Lulwa Alfadhel

    Very true. It’s meant to be a peaceful and spiritual month, but people have missed that bit and it’s become the complete opposite: unspiritual and the epitome of laziness.

  2. Bonsaimark

    And here is the West we say the same thing about Christmas. The meaning has been lost. Still… HAPPY RAMADAN everyone.

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