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69, originally uploaded by malyousif.

This was their last pleasurable encounter. it was pleasurable for me as I picked the bastards up and destroyed them. Bastards.



Desert Rose

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Desert Rose

Desert Rose, originally uploaded by malyousif.

This is the first time EVER this adenium flower, I’m so excited as the plants are actually in the garden in a bed rather than a pot where I usually have them.

I really hope they will also flourish.

I got a few of these as a generous gift by Dr. Jean who raised them from seed! A venerable feat to be sure.

Have a lovely weekend my friends.



Sitting minister arrested for corruption

Woke up this morning to this:

للمرة الأولى في البحرين
القبض على وزير بتهمة غسيل الأموال

علمت «الوقت» من مصادر خاصة أن جهاز الأمن الوطني قد أقدم يوم أمس الخميس ألقى القبض على احد الوزراء والتحقيق معه بتهمة غسيل الأموال.

وقالت المصادر إن الوزير قد تم استدعاؤه عصر أمس من قبل جهاز الأمن الوطني، حيث رافقته عناصر الجهاز من بيته إلى مكتبه الذي تم إخضاعه للتفتيش»، مشيرة إلى انه «تم الطلب منه استدعاء موظفيه الذين حضروا إلى مكتبه وتم التحفظ على أجهزة الهواتف النقالة الخاصة بهم».
وأوضحت المصادر أن «التحقيق مع الوزير تم أولا في مقر جهاز الأمن الوطني ثم تمت إحالته إلى قسم مكافحة الجرائم الاقتصادية التابعة للتحقيقات الجنائية بالعدلية، وباشرت عناصره التحقيق مع الوزير»، إلا أن المصادر لم تكشف عن تفاصيل أخرى تتعلق بحجم الأموال التي تم غسلها ومصادرها، كما لم تكشف عن عدد الذين تم التحفظ عليهم.

يشار إلى أنها المرة الأولى في البحرين التي تقوم فيها أجهزة الأمن والتحقيقات الجنائية بالتحقيق مع وزير لايزال على رأس عمله.

and from the GDN’s front page:
Official held for fraud

An official accused of running money laundering operations in Bahrain and abroad was arrested yesterday following investigations by the Economic Crimes Directorate. Interior Ministry assistant under-secretary for legal affairs Brigadier Rashid Bu Humood said the ministry discovered the fact early last year and closely monitored in secret the official’s activities in Bahrain and abroad. His contacts and meetings with his aides and parties he was dealing with abroad were subjected to strict control after taking all required legal measures. He has been referred to Public Prosecution.

Wanna guess who this minister is?

They don’t mention him in the pieces above of course, but according to various online forums it appears to be my friend Mansour bin Rajab!

Well this is a turn of events isn’t it? If it is indeed the Right Honourable Minister of course.


Don’t know, but maybe it’s a combination of factors:

    1. the government is signaling that they’re serious (again) about combating corruption
    2. they want an improvement in their CPI
    3. the cookie jar is being depleted too fast
    4. same with the goat bank (Islamically correct form of a piggy bank)
    5. discovered this expeditious method of reducing staffing levels
    6. enacting the corruption article of the Labour Law saves termination fees

or any other number of factors.

Whatever it is, like the rest of Bahrain I’ll wait for clarifications and an outcome of this case, if any.

One thing I will guarantee you though: watch this situation being played with sectarian notes.



Overdoin’ it

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What’s the betting that the jerk who threw a home-made explosive at the British Embassy not only goes free but becomes a lauded hero?

I’d say that the possibility is very high.

What’s the possibility of people who threw molotov cocktails at a car burning an occupant who tried to stop them are likewise celebrated?

Again, I’d say that the possibility is very high.

Ok, what the possibility for the people who enticed them to do these acts continue in their pursuits of chaos and mayhem continue to do so without hindrance from their communities nor the government?

I’m afraid that once again, I’d say the possibility is very high indeed.

Will it stop? No. How can it? The hay is bone-dry and the kindles are available aplenty so how can it stop?

The government enthrones foreigners in our midst by forced naturalization. The repercussions is that every single foreigner, especially if of Arab or Sub-Continent extraction is held in suspicion by the community at best and regarded as an avowed enemy at worst. We’ve seen the attacks perpetrated by “new” Bahrainis against “old” Bahrainis – and vice versa – reported in the national papers and nothing is done to ameliorate the situation. How can anyone then even presume that the two communities are ever going to be reconciled, intermingle and inter-marry?

With this extremely high level of suspicion, ignorant young louts egged on by ignoramuses go on the rampage holding aloft the “national ideal” of ridding this country of those usurpers by burning tyres, lobbing molotov cocktails, disrupting the lives of tens of thousands and robbing the rest of us the opportunity to live happily and benefit from the small number of opportunities which haphazardly come our way.

Can you then blame these louts for attacking whomever they suspect as being a “new Bahraini” or just simply any foreigner? Distinctive lines become hazy in a hot-head filled with “passion” for “doing the right thing”. So I for one, won’t be surprised if the situation escalates in these yobs killing people because they’re white, brown, or any colour they deem inappropriate for a “true” Bahraini.

The solution? Apple the law. Jail those who escalate what should simply be a protest (no tyres really necessary) and harm people and their property – and for goodness sake don’t make that incarceration faster than a kangaroo’s jump – re-evaluate the naturalizations policy, enshrine them in clear and transparent code and once again publish the names of those who have the honour of bestowing a Bahraini citizenship on. As has been done in the past. And yes, although unsavory, repatriate those who have been wrongly naturalized and enable programs to integrate those who do deserve it.

This page should be placed in the National Shame archives
We now come to that neophyte who started the attack on the British Ambassador who was the available and ready target. He dared to meet with members of parliament of the wrong hue AND his country is a safe haven for “terrorists”. With everything that’s happening in parliament these days, what the heck, it’s a perfect opportunity to pass the buck, veil the eyes and hope that the populace – now completely disenfranchised and uninterested – from unearthed corruption and mismanagement of the country’s resources.

Jamie Bowden, you’re a much easier target!

The engines roar and imbeciles take it upon themselves to “protest” – ask them about what, and they’ll spew a few epithets that in their minds might wring true, but to their masters who pull the strings not a whit. Useful fools and all that.


It doesn’t stop there. It never stops there in this country. If there were to be a prize or a new Guinness record for brown-nosing and deep ass kissing, no country on Earth could come close to claiming those prizes than Bahrain!

Those fools are ready and willing. Their modus operandi is quite simple: burn it! There is no way that “they” can have it so even if it hurts us, fuck it! Burn the damn country!

So the mosques start spewing their diatribe, and neophytes with glazed eyes and empty skulls heed “the call of duty”. Not to be outdone, 240 (yes, two hundred and forty) “majlises” get gathered together and release their cerebral waste (they say I can’t use brain fart any more, too nasty for polite company they say) by taking out whole page adverts in some national papers – the effervescent Gulf Daily News included – denouncing the British Ambassador’s interference in local affairs.

I wonder how many of those majlis patrons were honoured with British citizenships, or have business interests with the United Kingdom or own houses all of which protected by that country’s laws and regulations. But that’s not the issue. The issue my dear friends is that they can’t be seen to be outdone. “We too want to claim the ass-kissing prize”.


What’s the background to this uproar? Simply put, the largest political bloc in the island, Al-Wefaq, held its annual general meeting. Like any political society does. And their president re-iterated the principals of constitutional monarchies and modern democracies. That, included him emphasising that governments must be elected – in those circumstances where countries actually claim to be a democracy or at least a constitutional monarchy – and that the prime minister should also be an elected member of the populace. Now the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bahrain is quite specific: the Prime Minister is appointed by the King. End of story. Ah but wait. There is nothing in said constitution that stipulates that said prime minister must be a member of the royal family. That’s another fact Al-Wefaq reminded us.

How dare they! The ingrates.

And the whole country goes into a downward spiral.

The Prime Minister was the first to express dissatisfaction accusing Al-Wefaq with besmirching honorable family names and going against ingrained custom.

The Crown Prince sides with the Prime Minister this time.

With those leads, the opposing forces, namely the Sunni contingent in parliament goes amok in its condemnation of Al-Wefaq. Haw dare they sully the names of deeply respected families and endanger centuries-old tradition and goes completely against what Allah commanded in that the Leaders are sacrosanct?

In the midst of this, Jamie Bowden comes in. He invites (or was a meeting asked for?) Al-Wefaq for a cup of chai at his residence. They have a nice chat. All the papers carry the pictures and THAT is the excuse that everyone was waiting for!


BANG! Saidi and Co go and protest in front of the Ambassador’s residence.

The parliament (both chambers, no less) publish condemnations against Al-Wefaq spilling the beans and airing dirty laundry to “foreign forces”.

Culminating with those farcical full page ads condemning Jamie Bowden personally and the evil British too.

Numb-skulled neophytes now read this situation as “something must be done” and lob a home-made firecracker in the British Embassy compound while images of naked virgins swimming in said head with eyes aglazed and that stupid serene smile painted on that mug too.

Entertainment galore.

So, the end result? I think the 2011 Guinness World Records book should ensconce the Kingdom of Bahrain and some of its people as the world’s best blinkered and easily swayed and distracted brown-nosers.

Oh, and they might as well give us the record for quickie rehabilitation with the shortest possible unfulfilled jail-terms in the world too.



The Gladiolus

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The Gladiolus

The Gladiolus, originally uploaded by malyousif.

The gladies are flowering again. I’ve planted about 70 bulbs in this patch and we didn’t think that they’ll flower this season. We thought we planted them too late, considering that the original several bulbs in that patch have already flowered by then, but I noticed that the stalks have come up during the last week, and some have already started flowering!

Quite chuffed to say the least.

I’ve got several colours this time not only the original red, but purples, pinks, peach, yellow and white.