Moscow, I love you!

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We‘re in Moscow at the moment on a production job. We made our way to Red Square and spent most of the day there. It is astounding to say the very least. Really enjoyed it, and we’re going back again tonight and probably tomorrow to get some pick-ups.

Let me share some of that with you:

  • DANA
    3 March 2012

    Nice to have a funny and ‘ normal life’ blog entry again ( not that the others aren’t interesting and important – they are).

    Hahhaha, first I thought you were a ‘person on the street’, a Russian babushka lady…..

    Enjoy !! and > Get a hat Mahmood. Else your ears might fall off.

    And, if you don’t mind spending a bit, go to Shinok restaurant – apparently very good Ukranian food, with a farmyard setting in the middle – live cow, chickens and all that..

  • globeonmytable
    3 March 2012

    Always wear gloves outside, otherwise the skin on the knuckles can crack. I think I’m immune every winter, but rediscover that Nature always wins.

  • Ali
    8 March 2012

    You seem to be enjoying it. ENVY YOU lol
    Have a great time…

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