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Vlog 35: The Frangipani Patch

A vlog, finally!

Arif and I attacked the frangipani patch where all the parakeets and the birds come to feed. That has always been the most difficult patch to grow things in I think because it is the windiest and coldest part of the garden. The frangipani survives, but it certainly does not thrive as the one in the front garden. This is probably because the poor old lady was transported from the old house and the old gardener chopped it’s roots very close to the trunk.

Anyway, that’s not the story here, it is that I wanted to clean up the patch as it was getting full of bird seed, shells, date stones and other rubbish the birds leave behind once they’ve fed. I wanted to find a way to make that particular spot easier to maintain and clean as well as make that area the focal point that is very much needed there. That and re-design the space, it was a sore area to my eyes and I think it was high time I actually did something about it.

Apart from that, I wanted to transpose some cactii from shallow pots, to the ground, I think they were almost pot-bound and needed the freedom to grow. I hope they will.

I hope you enjoy the vlog, it was shot on my mobile phone and edited with iMovie.


Vlog #33: How to clean tiled floors

I have no earthly idea what magic my youngest sister Maha uses with cats, but she can do whatever she likes to them and they love her for it! More, with her, cats are like dogs! They follow her around and respond to her commands as if they’ve been to the (dog) obedience school.

I was gob-smacked seeing how the cat behaved in the video above…

Maha you’re a magician! 😆


Vlog: 22nd Gathering’s

Here’s the video of last night’s gathering. Enjoy!

For the technically minded, this thing was shot on my Sony Ericsson K750i mobile phone, and edited on Avid’s Xpress Pro on 24P (just for the hell of it!) The sound quality is crap, but I’ve applied a DeEsser filter on the track which corrected it a bit.


Vlog: Jet Ski Race!

Please visit my channel at YouTube for more vlogs!

It’s only taken me 7 years to edit this video, but this is the magic of Mac which forced me to dig out all of my stash of tape and just edit and post! I do hope you’re going to enjoy this one.

I think I’ve got to go out and shoot some new material now. Any suggestions? Wishes?


Vlog: Cleaning the garden shed

I decided that I have had enough with the mess in the garden shed and it is high time that it got re-organised again, especially that the growing season is fast approaching and I need the space. So my son Arif and I attacked it this morning, and for a complete mess and no space left in it at all before we started, to a huge amount of space left afterwards tells you that keeping things organised pays in the end!

Have a wonderful Friday…


The interminable questions of Arif, at 6

My son, who is 13 now, has never stopped asking questions, I guess from the moment he exited the womb. This is him at 6. I’m trying to shoot a jetski race, and he’s unleashing his 200 questions a minute at me!

I’ve just composited the questions on him monkeying around from another video…

I love the sound of his voice! Children’s voices at that age are either infuriating – like nails across a chalkboard infuriating – or lovely. I (well, okay, I’m biased) think his was lovely!

Friday.. what do you expect?!


Vlog #25: The Garden Tour

I know I know.. I go months without touching the video camera, and then you get two vlogs on the same day. What can I say but, ehm, I’ll try to be better and post more often.

Anyway, here’s the video I shot Friday morning of the garden, see how scorched and monochrome it looks at the moment? That’s one reason why I can’t wait for the summer to end so that I can get busy trying new and wonderful plants and get the colour and growth back in it. The first part of that is preparing for that eventuality, that’s why I replaced all the drip system pipes to get better watering footprint in the borders.

Oh, now that I’ve got the MacBook which has a built-in video camera, expect more like the previous vlog I posted earlier this morning and shot using the built-in camera. So brace yourself for more of my mug! 🙂


Vlog #23: A glimpse of Iraqi art

Visiting art galleries is mostly a good (and new) experience for me and last night’s visit to Albareh Gallery to view the creations of Ahmed Al-Bahrani did not disappoint. It was the last night for the exhibition, so it was pretty fortunate that I actually took the brief time to visit, just before joining my fellow bloggers for our 17th bloggers’ gathering.

Mr. Al-Bahrani’s work is amazing, and very painstaking to say the least, with great attention to detail as you will see from the following vlog, with excellent technical discipline and more importantly truck-loads of creativity.

I envy whoever buys any piece from his exhibit; they will treasure it for life and get a lot of enjoyment just for looking at it once in a while, regardless of whatever brainfarts the grand mufti explodes out of his blessed mouth.