M.Report S01E26 – Friends and an Interview with RSF

The last two days were very fruitful. I have had the privilege of interacting with an excellent group of people whose main concern is to share their views with the world, and expose the wrongs in their societies in order for those to be addressed and corrected. Although I cannot say that the correction has been effected by society and/or governments, but at least they have been brought out in the open and the hope is that they will be tackled, ultimately.

Today’s presentations were a bit more technical in nature where we discussed how to popularise your blog, how to use the available tools and sites to spread your message and how to monetise your efforts.

RSF's Clothilde Le Coz I also took the opportunity to interview Clothilde Le Coz, of RSF’s Internet Freedom Desk who shared her views and explained her role in the organisation. She also provided some insights on how RSF goes about its business.

Now that the formal part of the workshop is over, and the M.Report has been uploaded, it’s time to shower, change and go out to have dinner in the world famous Rick’s Café with some new and old friends. Should be quite fun!

  • foued
    29 May 2008

    your casa meeting was ” an united states’s”useful idiots” meeting

  • mahmood
    29 May 2008

    This is what I call a “hit and run” idiotic comment. If you care to amplify on what you mean and what your stance actually is, maybe you will engage in some conversation, as your outburst stands now, my answer to you is for you to find a wall and proceed to hit your head against it. Hard. Then repeat. That might put some sense back into it.

  • Stupeur
    29 May 2008

    This kind of ‘hit and run’ attitude is really common in our countries, it’s the fruit of this opression and despotism we’re living under.

    Never mind, we’re used to that.

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M.Report S01E26 – Friends and an Interview with RSF