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Bahraini Views – Khalid Muharraqi – International Success

Khalid is one of the leading digital artists in the world with laudable contributions not only in creating breathtaking images and animations, but with active contributions on the design and implementation of leading-edge software tools.

Khalid’s influence in demonstrated in the amount of graphics professionals the world over seeking to work with him to learn from his techniques and expertise.

In this interview, Khalid reflects on how he started in this career.


Bahraini Views – Huda Radhi – Connoisseur of Life

It’s not just the psychology of chocolates and flowers that entrepreneur and Huda Radhi is an expert at, it’s also the passion she has for both. Discovering such a brand by chance on a business trip, she didn’t allow anything to stop her from bringing that joy to her native country Bahrain.

Through this interview, Huda shares with us the ups and downs of her business and offers us some insights into the love of the finer things in life.


Bahraini Views – Fatima Mohammed – Work with pride


Like a lot of Bahraini men and women, Mrs. Fatima Mohammed takes pride in her work and judging by the feedback of her return customers, she does so very well indeed.

She attributes her success in her chosen profession to how she treats people; with respect and a huge heart. That’s what sustains her in the difficult job she chose, one that she inherited from her father, a taxi driver, and one of the first Bahraini women to conquer that traditionally male dominated profession.


Bahraini Views: Celebrating inspirational Bahrainis

Over the last few months I’ve been developing a concept to showcase the various successes Bahrainis have achieved. I wanted to specifically feature “unnamed” Bahrainis so that they would have credibility and might be more ready and touchable role models for a lot of aspiring compatriots. I say this and give all due respect to “named” Bahrainis of course, those must be included in the future as their contribution is certainly worth highlighting too.

We’ve done a lot of research on who should be featured, what metrics to use to qualify them and what age group we should include and whom to target. All very difficult things indeed to grapple with, and the last thing we want to do is go political. My idea essentially is to provide an inspiration for people to emulate and hopefully achieve success on their own.

Eight “episodes” have been created out of the 26 we have been contracted to do. We have a lot more names to consider to include in the initiative; however, we would really welcome your suggestions and nominations.

The episodes will start airing on Bahrain TV’s main Arabic and English channels from today. I am told that they will air immediately before the main news programs at 3PM, 8PM, 12 midnight on the Arabic channel and I think 7PM and 11PM on Bahrain Channel 55. The release schedule is two episodes per week, which means we have to go into overdrive to identify, interview and film many more candidates!

I hope you too find these features inspirational. Stay tuned.


Maysa’a Hazeem, first female Bahraini pilot

Maysa’a Hazeem, first Bahraini commercial pilot

Congratulations Maysa’a! You make us all proud in your achievements. I know how hard it is to get to that right seat, but you made it and all power to you.

I would be honoured to have you in the driving seat any time I fly.

We need more like you and I am sure that you will be an inspiration to a lot of young Bahraini ladies who should realise that the sky is no longer the limit!

Well done!