Bahraini Views – Huda Radhi – Connoisseur of Life

It’s not just the psychology of chocolates and flowers that entrepreneur and Huda Radhi is an expert at, it’s also the passion she has for both. Discovering such a brand by chance on a business trip, she didn’t allow anything to stop her from bringing that joy to her native country Bahrain.

Through this interview, Huda shares with us the ups and downs of her business and offers us some insights into the love of the finer things in life.

  • Hasan
    3 November 2009

    I love Bahraini Views. Truly inspirational and motivating to us recent university graduates. I hope you see the difference you are striving to create. Thank you Mahmood, you are our own Bahraini hero. Thank you

    • mahmood
      3 November 2009

      Thank you Hasan. I’m really glad that you found them inspiring. Hopefully one day soon you will be featured too.

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