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Some of the bulbs are showing already!
376 bulbs and some hollyhocks planted

376 bulbs and some hollyhocks planted

To put what I’ve done this morning in the garden in a sentence, it would have to to: “Back breaking, but exhilarating work!”

The bulbs planted in Mahmood's Garden on 24 Oct '14
Say hello to some of my bulbs!

My wife brought just about a whole suitcase-full of bulbs with her from her recent visit to Scotland. This morning I’ve planted 376 of those bulbs around various borders in the garden and I can’t wait for them to flower. The varieties promise that it will be a tiered flowering, some in winter, others in spring and some will probably flower next summer. So there will be some things to look forward to in the garden over the next few months. I do hope that at least some will come through though!

I also took the opportunity to plant some hollyhock seeds directly into the ground. Thanks a lot to Nancy Johnson who sent me some of her “black hollyhock” seeds all the way from Monterey in California. Our climate is approximately similar so they should take quite readily.

Well, I’m not done yet, obviously. I’ve got a bunch of hyacinth bulbs to plant and I’ve got to plan for the various annuals I’m bringing in. But before that, I’m going to fertilise the garden… but that’s a job for next weekend.

How are your gardens doing so far guys? I’d love to know. Please enter a comment to let me know.

Happy gardening!



The second stalk

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The second stalk

The second stalk, originally uploaded by malyousif.

While I was super busy last week, the Hippaestrum’s sprouted another stalk and has five heads, the fifth is a mutant and I don’t think it will open; however, as you can see, the other four more than compensate!

Have a wonderful day…


The Bulbs are On

cuttingspatch.jpgI finally got the chance to plant the bulbs in the new Cuttings Patch this afternoon. I’ve also moved the bulbs that have already produced leaves in there too; those would be the Gladiolus and the Lilies.

The bulbs are planted are:

  • 30x Oxalis Deppei – Four leaf clover
  • 60x Liatris Spicata
  • 30x Gladiolus Callianthus – Acidanthera Murielae
  • 1x Hemerocallis – Purple Waters
  • 1x Iris Germanica – Howard Weed

All of the above were a gift from my estranged friend Mohammed Al-Kabour who brought them back with him during a flying visit from Ireland. Where are you?! Wherever you are, I hope that you are happy and safe.

Now all I have to do is wait… and cross my fingers.


Hippaestrum (Candy Cane)

Hippaestrum (Candy Cane)

Hippaestrum (Candy Cane), originally uploaded by malyousif.

The first Hippaestrum (Amaryllis to some) of the season. I love these bulbs as they always reward you with huge showy flowers like no other.

I’ve planted them outside in the garden before with good success. This year, I wanted to have some extra colour in the house. They’re all in pots of course so I can cluster them however I wish, this is what makes container gardening such a nice thing to do, the flexibility.

Apart from the Hippaestrum, I’ve got some lilies, gladiolus and two types of Hyacinth so the arrangements when they all flower (if they all flower at the same time that is) should be quite a sight for sore eyes.

Have a wonderful Friday my friends, and stay in peace.


The bulbs are in

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Amaryllis - Dancing Queen

At last I’ve had a chance to plant some bulbs I bought a couple of weeks ago. I opted to plant them all in pots – at least initially – as that will give me the chance to keep them inside, or move at least some to the garden at my leisure.

To see my other attempts with these lovely plants, please click here to look at them in all their glory in my Flickr photostream.

All the bulbs planted today were bought from the Old Jassim (in Burhama)



Hyacinth blooming

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Hyacinth blooming

Hyacinth blooming, originally uploaded by malyousif.

Hope and beauty!

This is one of the bulbs I received from Patty a couple of weeks ago, they’re all doing well and some have already started to show signs of blooming, like this little guy.

I’ve planted them all in pots and lined the breakfast area’s wall with them; they’re certainly a nice sight to see first thing in the morning.

Although Bahrain is quite dusty today, don’t get the dust get your mood down. I’m off to the Garden Show (which is disappointing, but more on that in a blog later) to grab whatever I can from the single stand that is selling somethings worth acquiring.

Have a wonderful Friday my friends…