376 bulbs and some hollyhocks planted

To put what I’ve done this morning in the garden in a sentence, it would have to to: “Back breaking, but exhilarating work!”

The bulbs planted in Mahmood's Garden on 24 Oct '14
Say hello to some of my bulbs!

My wife brought just about a whole suitcase-full of bulbs with her from her recent visit to Scotland. This morning I’ve planted 376 of those bulbs around various borders in the garden and I can’t wait for them to flower. The varieties promise that it will be a tiered flowering, some in winter, others in spring and some will probably flower next summer. So there will be some things to look forward to in the garden over the next few months. I do hope that at least some will come through though!

I also took the opportunity to plant some hollyhock seeds directly into the ground. Thanks a lot to Nancy Johnson who sent me some of her “black hollyhock” seeds all the way from Monterey in California. Our climate is approximately similar so they should take quite readily.

Well, I’m not done yet, obviously. I’ve got a bunch of hyacinth bulbs to plant and I’ve got to plan for the various annuals I’m bringing in. But before that, I’m going to fertilise the garden… but that’s a job for next weekend.

How are your gardens doing so far guys? I’d love to know. Please enter a comment to let me know.

Happy gardening!

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  • Angela Smith
    7 March 2015

    I am in Bahrain on holiday who live here and would love to visit, can you tell me where to find you ?

376 bulbs and some hollyhocks planted