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Weight Target Reached

Weight Target Reached

Weight Target Reached

Starting from 116.5 kgs on 9 June 2013, I’m at 91 kgs today. That’s a reduction of 25.5 kgs in weight – or 56 lbs or 4 stones for those still holding on to past glories 😉 I’ve also gone down from wearing size 48″ trousers to 36″. Not too shabby!

The regime I followed was a modified Dukan Diet. The modified bit is that unlike what they suggest in the diet, I did count calories and MyFitnessPal helped me tremendously along with the strict food and exercise regimes I adopted.

The essence of the story is this: I feel healthier and more confident (I know, hard to believe!) and am determined to maintain this weight, at least for now. The past four months have not been easy and I didn’t expect them to be. I’ve given up a lot of what I love in food and drink in preference for a “new me” and I like what I have arrived at now.

Yes, I’ve reset the target now down to 85 kgs; however, the time I am giving myself to arrive at the new weight is much more forgiving: 6 months. That’s about a kilo a month which I know I can achieve.

Just felt I would share my celebrations with you. Hopefully it will inspire some who are in a similar situation.

Eid Mubark!