Weight Target Reached

Weight Target Reached

Starting from 116.5 kgs on 9 June 2013, I’m at 91 kgs today. That’s a reduction of 25.5 kgs in weight – or 56 lbs or 4 stones for those still holding on to past glories 😉 I’ve also gone down from wearing size 48″ trousers to 36″. Not too shabby!

The regime I followed was a modified Dukan Diet. The modified bit is that unlike what they suggest in the diet, I did count calories and MyFitnessPal helped me tremendously along with the strict food and exercise regimes I adopted.

The essence of the story is this: I feel healthier and more confident (I know, hard to believe!) and am determined to maintain this weight, at least for now. The past four months have not been easy and I didn’t expect them to be. I’ve given up a lot of what I love in food and drink in preference for a “new me” and I like what I have arrived at now.

Yes, I’ve reset the target now down to 85 kgs; however, the time I am giving myself to arrive at the new weight is much more forgiving: 6 months. That’s about a kilo a month which I know I can achieve.

Just felt I would share my celebrations with you. Hopefully it will inspire some who are in a similar situation.

Eid Mubark!

  • Emile Almahdi
    14 October 2013

    Wow. Great…. Eid Mubarek

    • mahmood
      14 October 2013

      Thanks Emile. Same to you and yours!

  • AGA
    14 October 2013

    Congratulations. You’ve convinced me. I am starting today.

  • natasha
    14 October 2013

    Good for you! I’m on the Weight Watchers program. 12 pounds so far!

    • mahmood
      14 October 2013

      Well done Natasha. Keep it up!

  • Ali Al Saeed
    14 October 2013

    Well done Mahmood. Always great to see someone determined to transform themselves for the right reasons. Good on you.

    • mahmood
      14 October 2013

      Thanks Ali.

  • Larry Domingo
    14 October 2013

    Well done! Keep it up.

  • Susanne
    15 October 2013


  • Peter
    15 October 2013

    Well done Mahmoud, that’s tremendous. I have been on the Fast Diet since February, low calories twice a week and lost 28lbs or 2 stone. Nice to get comfortably into old suits! Eid Mubarak to you and yours.

  • Chiara
    16 October 2013

    Congratulations! I’m sure your new health and silhouette compensates for the privations. Love your joke about “weights and measures” and past glories. Good luck with the next 10kg!

    Eid Mubarak!

  • Shachar
    22 October 2013

    First, congratulations. Losing weight isn’t easy.

    As someone who has gone down from 125Kg to 95Kg, let me share this piece with you. The real struggle is keeping it off. I kept it off for about 4 years, but then a new girlfriend (today, my wife), being seriously sick and a change in my daily routine totally ruined it. Today, 6 years later, I’m 140Kg. Fatter than I have ever been.

    I’m sorry to be raining on your parade. This comes in no way to diminish what you have achieved. It is just a warning that you need to find a diet you can feel comfortable in for the rest of your life, because we fat (on the inside) people can never drop vigilance about this.

    Good luck,

    • mahmood
      23 October 2013

      I kind of joke about the fact that I have lost 700 kgs in my lifetime and have put them all on again with a bonus! This is no joke of course as shedding weight has been a struggle throughout my adult life. This time; however, the loss is much greater than any individual attempt. The most I have shed before was probably around 10 kgs at a time. What’s doing it this time is a real change in lifestyle and looking at food as sustenance rather than a pleasurable activity. This is very difficult of course as almost every social activity demands food as pleasure! I’m more aware of what I eat, though, and tend to limit myself as to what types of food I ingest.

      I can tell you though, that the temptation to “just have a little bit” is always there.

      I’m still determined this time to continue to be my trimmed self and will give it my damnest to achieve – and keep – my goal. I’m on the way to 85 kgs now. I’ve not been that since I got married almost 30 years ago!

Malala Yousafzai
Weight Target Reached