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Nawaf Saeed, another Bahraini electronic innovator

Nawaf Saeed, another Bahraini electronic innovator

I don’t know why it didn’t really cross my mind that we could have “inventors” in Bahrain. Maybe because we never really hear of them, but they do exist as Nawaf and before him Hessa and Yahya have proven, and I for one am glad to have witnessed these innovative Bahrainis first hand, and have had the opportunity to talk to them one-to-one, albeit for a short time. Still, it fills me with not only hope, but wonder and admiration that they have gone completely against the grain and threw away that shackles of tradition to pursue their dreams and make a success out of their passions.

Nawaf, young though he is, I think is destined to greatness. Just graduating from Bahrain University in IT, he has successfully transformed his study project into a very viable business through which he not only employs 7 full time staff, but also has some 24 other professionals available on his books for ad hoc work as freelancers. The common denominators between them is that they’re all Bahrainis and are all highly skilled in computer programming and various other interconnected tasks.

I’m also glad that there are some initiatives from the private and government sectors which nurtures such talent. Nawaf was one of the winners of Zain Dream initiative. He used the cash received to initiative his company. That cash was augmented by another win, this time from the Bahrain Development Bank which offers Seed Capital grants for new and innovative businesses.

Good luck Nawaf! I’m sure that he will serve as an excellent inspiration for others to pursue their passions.


Jaleel Sharaf – Planning for Success

The company you work for suddenly closes but customers still call you wanting their promised projects to be completed. What would you do?

Well Sayed Jaleel Sharaf took on the responsibility to deliver what his erstwhile employer promised, and in the process established one of the most successful ICT groups in Bahrain turning over close to BD4 million a year through a conglomerate of 9 companies catering to the business community from programming through to feasibility studies and real estate.

Sayed Jaleel never lost focus even with so many entities in his portfolio and continue to innovate in every sector. Lately, he won the highly prized Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoom’s prize for the top SME in the Middle East by creating an innovative Arabic content portal catering to the health industry. His passion, vision and drive are not abated.

Winning this prize enthused him even more to follow on from that success to provide more Arabic content for the web, with only 6% of the current content being in the Arabic language, he wants to make a real impact by increasing that meagre ratio as much as he could.


Bahraini Views – Abdulla Al Mabad – Raising the Bar

Not succumbing to frustration of having to wait for games to be brought to Bahrain and then made available at extortionist rates, Abdulla took matters into his own hands by researching the games market in Bahrain more thoroughly to take established businesses head-on. A challenge he was happy to take.

He successfully gained the representation of the largest games distributor in the region giving him the opportunity to release games on or before their international debut: even at 1 minute past midnight – resulting in queues of gamers waiting in the dark outside his shop to lay their hands on the latest release at the games suggested retail price or even lower, equating to less than half of what they were regularly sold at his competitor’s!

Abdulla talks here about the birth of Game District and his plans for it in the future.


Bahraini Views – Aisha Al-Alem – Living the Moment

Would you stick with a job that you discovered that you did not like? Would you leave the security of that job to the unknown to chase another dream? Would you stand against common wisdom to reach that dream?

That’s what Aisha decided to do; she threw caution to the wind and pursued a career which is not unfamiliar to Bahraini ladies. And now she’s living her moment being happy to have taken that brave decision.


Bahraini Views – Huda Radhi – Connoisseur of Life

It’s not just the psychology of chocolates and flowers that entrepreneur and Huda Radhi is an expert at, it’s also the passion she has for both. Discovering such a brand by chance on a business trip, she didn’t allow anything to stop her from bringing that joy to her native country Bahrain.

Through this interview, Huda shares with us the ups and downs of her business and offers us some insights into the love of the finer things in life.