Month: February 2010

Sleepless in Gaza… and Jerusalem

The intention of this series is neither rant nor rhetoric. It is rather an opportunity for all of us, who do not live in Gaza, occupied Arab Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank, to grasp how these four young Palestinian women live out their daily lives, precisely because their lives are stories we journalists were taught almost dismissively to think of as “human interest” and almost necessarily conflict driven.

Dead Goats

Oooh look! Some dogs attacked and killed EIGHT goats in some farm in Sitra! This is sucha a newsworthy article that it deserves to be on the front page. And why the hell is it below the fold? Don’t the editors care about animals enough to put it above the fold? What? Al-Wefaq’s latest spat …

Mumbo Jumbo “Science”

“Sometimes benefit the herbs in the treatment of cancer, especially in some cases, have experimented with these types of treatments in the United States of America as well the European countries and the Middle East, many of us have heard stories about people who have experienced this kind of treatment, and they have cured cancer” …. Uhhuh