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Conversion in progress

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Conversion in progress

Took this really interesting and clashing shot this morning at the BIC on the second day is the F1 weekend.

An Islamist society set up their missionary booth for the 6th year running in the entertainment area behind the main grand stand.

Not sure if they gained any conversions, but I did see a number I’d their give-away books in the rubbish, including the Quran unfortunately.

Is this the right venue for this?


BMW one two and the gentleman’s third

What an unforgettable race. Hamilton hammed it, good, riding roughshod over the Iceman at the pitlane exit ignoring that flashing red light, which normally means STOP! Well, he took out the competition for sure and opened up the championship a bit wider. Kubica now leads, giving Mario Theissen a huge smile he hasn’t had for quite some time. What’s more, he led Heidfeld for a well deserved one-two.

What put the cherry on top for me was seeing the gentleman of the sport make it up to third, hopefully breaking his recent run of bad luck. He was quite reminiscent of years of yore and contemplative too. I hope this doesn’t mean that he’s hanging up his hat just yet. But if he does, then finishing off the career on the high note of 62 podiums ain’t bad at all.

Well done all, and commiserations to Raikkonen. Hopefully Hamilton Sr. will slap Jr. upside the head to get him to sharpen his vision somewhat for future races.


Renault and Whipped Cream

What\'s with Renault and whipped cream?I’m not sure what’s up with the Renault F1 team, but I just saw three of them at Geant with 2 fully loaded trollies of cookies and many many cans of whipped cream.

I can find no explanation other than them stocking up on comfort food, you know, the food one scoffs to deaden the senses and ameliorate feelings of guilt. Oh, and as a good “pick me up” after a heavy loss.

So maybe they already know what next weekend’s results are going to be… mind you, with The Fluke back with them, it’s no real surprise!


The F1 Gathering

It was really fun to watch the final of the race together and I think everyone enjoyed being glued to the TV screen (and not killing the staff due to problems with the audio which the guys valiantly fixed by turning up the set’s volume to 100%!) and stuffing our gobs while doing so too.

It would have been a lot funner had Hamilton won the championship in his rookie year, but lady luck had other plans I guess. I have no doubt that he will clinch it in the coming years and will no doubt – if his class improves and the equipment he drives stays the course – he will approach the great Michael Schumacher at some point in his career.

Pictures? I took a few with my mobile and stitched a couple together to give you a feeling, click on the compilation below to view the set:

The Bahrain bloggers’ gathering number 33.5


Bloggers’ Gathering #33.5 at Motorox

Eyad and I are proposing another gathering on Sunday 21st October at Motorox to watch and enjoy the gripping F1 finalé. The race starts at 9pm 7pm Bahrain time and lasts for 90 minutes normally. Please be there by 8 6.30 or so if you can because if you come and and block the screen while you are trying to squeeze in, there is no telling who (not if) will kill you!

As I am sure that it will be rather busy, we need to reserve immediately. Please let us know if you would like to attend so we can tally the numbers.


What were they thinking?

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shredded tyres dont win races

That magically the tires will heal themselves or if the canvas is not showing then the tires should be okay even though from intermediates they went slick?

What was Hamilton thinking – or was he at all – not to let the Finn past and just go in for a pit stop and come out on fresh rubber? Why isn’t he thinking of the championship but just thinking of the race?

Well, today, both team and driver had a big booboo on their faces because of taking things for granted like this.

Brazil is in two weeks’ time, and the championship is in a three-way split. For the fans this is brilliant of course but I have no sympathy for the team nor Hamilton because of this snaffu.

It’s anyone’s game now, but I would still put my money on Hami. In spite of his stupidity.


‘The Fluke’ crashes out

Alonso crash in Japan Fuji F1 race

and I didn’t see it! I missed the middle of the race unfortunately so I’m just looking at the various reports of the fantastic Japanese F1 race in Fuji and I fully expected that it would be red-flagged with the downpour they have suffered as well as the fog. Visibility, on TV anyway, seems to have been zero at some parts of the circuit.

Whiting didn’t stop the race; however, and the thing that really saddened me is Vettel rear-ending Webber who was running a fantastic second and almost assured of a podium finish for the hard working Aussie. I could understand Mark’s frustration when interviewed after the crash when he said “They [kids] have not got enough experience – they do a good job and then they fuck it all up.”

Which brings me to another point, the ever solid Al-Jazeera is pulling Jazeera +1 and +2 (+2 broadcast the race with English commentary today!) and the ticker was saying that if anyone wants to watch their channels from midnight tonight they have to purchase a new card from them! What the hell? Can’t they make their minds on what they want to do and keep it that way? I’m not sure how long they have the franchise, but I would rather it returns to ART who did a much better job that these crap artists. I’m wondering if the Chinese race will be available for viewing on Showtime henceforth. If anyone has any idea what’s going on and which channel we can watch the remainder of the season, please let me know.

Anyway, Hami took the race, he’s 12 points ahead of The Fluke who needs a miracle to catch up to him.

What I’m praying for now is for Ice Man to surpass the simple gap of 5 points to relegate the fluke to the history books!