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Funny headlines

I love that segment on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno where people send him some funny – and most of the time unintended – headlines from newspapers all around the world. We should start doing the same in Bahrain to bring a smile to the face, God knows I could use some of that.

So this is an invite to you all to shoot any funny headline (or even weird shop sign) anywhere in the world and email it to me. I’ll include it in a weekly or monthly videocast for your enjoyment.

To start the ball rolling, here’s one I got from the GDN this morning, though the headline is not related to the pictures above it (it is actually talking about a different con-man) I couldn’t help making the same association with the pictures shown above: an ex-minister of information, the publisher of the GDN and Akhbar Al-Khaleej in the picture on the left, and I don’t know who the people are on the right.

I would have hoped that the layout artiste who defines what goes where in the paper would have at least been a bit more careful in placing such a headline under his own publisher’s mug shot. Or was that intentional? I guess we would never know!


Yumm, good breakfast!

Some days are just special… today is one of those days, I can tell.

The alarm clock woke me up at 4.30am. I hit the snooze button a couple of times and eventually dragged myself out of bed and into the shower 10 minutes later.

Before doing that however, and as I do not use the alarm clock that often, I switched on the bedside lamp to shut the bloody thing up for good so as not to wake Frances up too early. Let her enjoy a few more minutes of sleep. That’s when I noticed that the date set on the clock was wrong, it suggested that today is supposed to be the 29th of April. Stupid alarm and stupid person who screwed up the date. I spent a few seconds fixing that mistake and reset it to the proper date. 30 April 2007. Thanks very much.

Croissant for breakfast

Shaved, showered, dressed and downstairs to bid Filbert good morning at about 5.15am. Got the paper on the way to the car and drove off to Muharraq to catch the plane to Abu Dhabi.

The drive was good and unhurried, it was early yet and not too many people on the road still. I arrived at the car parking lot and got the best slot I have ever managed to get in that place! This is going to be a really good day.

Off to the airport building and the check in computer. Unfortunately it wouldn’t accept my frequent flyer card and nicely told me that it was at fault, apologised profusely and asked me to present myself at a check-in counter, which I did after standing in queue for a short while.

“Good morning sir,” said a laid back almost smiling clerk,
“Good morning!” I replied, joyful even at that early hour, and handed over the ticket printout, my frequent flyer card and my ID.
The guy punched a few buttons and then asked me a rather peculiar question: “did you change your booking recently sir?”
Huh? “Erm, no, why do you ask” as he carried on punching keys,
“Well, it says here that you’re traveling tomorrow, but no worries I found you a seat!”
“WHAT? Whadayameantravelingtomorrow?Ididntchangeanyreservations!”
“Well sir, it says here that you’d be traveling on the 30th?”
“Yeah, so? Today is the 30th!”
(Oh God, a moron in front of me, was the look that drew on his face… smile resumed:)
“Actually sir, it’s the 29th today.”
“Ohmygod. Noway. Isn’t it Monday today?”
“That would be tomorrow sir, today is Sunday”
(muttering and feeling rather stupid) “Oh, in that case, I’ll see you tomorrow morning! Thanks my friend.”
“So shall I cancel today’s travel then?”
“Erm, yeah, thanks, I’ll see you tomorrow”


Damn, how did that happen?

Ah well. Downstairs I go to a café, buy a couple of croissants and latté to go and then drive back to the office… there is nothing like starting a day with a good breakfast, even if you have to drive to another island to get it!


Stupid pills!

Stupid pills!

Stupid pills!, originally uploaded by malyousif.

I’ve been taking these painkillers for my back for two weeks now and I never bothered to even look at the box. I just scream for one if the pain gets too much to handle and normally within an hour I’ll be okay.

Little did I know that I was scoffing down “stupid pills”, as my son Arif pointed out… and sure enough on the box it says “Retard Tablets”!

I feel so stupid now! 😉


Vlog #33: How to clean tiled floors

I have no earthly idea what magic my youngest sister Maha uses with cats, but she can do whatever she likes to them and they love her for it! More, with her, cats are like dogs! They follow her around and respond to her commands as if they’ve been to the (dog) obedience school.

I was gob-smacked seeing how the cat behaved in the video above…

Maha you’re a magician! 😆


Bahrania bargaining

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This is a hilarious audio file of unknown origin of a Bahrani woman bargaining with a Filipina sales lady. It’s done in fun, I am quite sure; however, it also shows how disdainfully some Bahrainis regard foreign help.

[audio:Bahrania and a Philipina.mp3]

Have a funny Friday!



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Whiskey Flavoured Condoms from a novelty shop on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh

whiskey flavoured condoms, originally uploaded by malyousif.

Okay guys and gals, the going in the Den was rather heavy during the last couple of weeks, so let’s lighten the mood a little bit….

This is an obliging young lady who agreed to pose for me holding up a packet of whiskey flavoured condoms sold in one of the novelty shops on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland during our holiday a couple of years ago.

So in keeping with the content of this picture, think love, not war!

Have a wonderful and peaceful Friday.