Yumm, good breakfast!

Some days are just special… today is one of those days, I can tell.

The alarm clock woke me up at 4.30am. I hit the snooze button a couple of times and eventually dragged myself out of bed and into the shower 10 minutes later.

Before doing that however, and as I do not use the alarm clock that often, I switched on the bedside lamp to shut the bloody thing up for good so as not to wake Frances up too early. Let her enjoy a few more minutes of sleep. That’s when I noticed that the date set on the clock was wrong, it suggested that today is supposed to be the 29th of April. Stupid alarm and stupid person who screwed up the date. I spent a few seconds fixing that mistake and reset it to the proper date. 30 April 2007. Thanks very much.

Croissant for breakfast

Shaved, showered, dressed and downstairs to bid Filbert good morning at about 5.15am. Got the paper on the way to the car and drove off to Muharraq to catch the plane to Abu Dhabi.

The drive was good and unhurried, it was early yet and not too many people on the road still. I arrived at the car parking lot and got the best slot I have ever managed to get in that place! This is going to be a really good day.

Off to the airport building and the check in computer. Unfortunately it wouldn’t accept my frequent flyer card and nicely told me that it was at fault, apologised profusely and asked me to present myself at a check-in counter, which I did after standing in queue for a short while.

“Good morning sir,” said a laid back almost smiling clerk,
“Good morning!” I replied, joyful even at that early hour, and handed over the ticket printout, my frequent flyer card and my ID.
The guy punched a few buttons and then asked me a rather peculiar question: “did you change your booking recently sir?”
Huh? “Erm, no, why do you ask” as he carried on punching keys,
“Well, it says here that you’re traveling tomorrow, but no worries I found you a seat!”
“WHAT? Whadayameantravelingtomorrow?Ididntchangeanyreservations!”
“Well sir, it says here that you’d be traveling on the 30th?”
“Yeah, so? Today is the 30th!”
(Oh God, a moron in front of me, was the look that drew on his face… smile resumed:)
“Actually sir, it’s the 29th today.”
“Ohmygod. Noway. Isn’t it Monday today?”
“That would be tomorrow sir, today is Sunday”
(muttering and feeling rather stupid) “Oh, in that case, I’ll see you tomorrow morning! Thanks my friend.”
“So shall I cancel today’s travel then?”
“Erm, yeah, thanks, I’ll see you tomorrow”


Damn, how did that happen?

Ah well. Downstairs I go to a café, buy a couple of croissants and latté to go and then drive back to the office… there is nothing like starting a day with a good breakfast, even if you have to drive to another island to get it!

    29 April 2007

    You should have taken some facial snap shots when he told you that today is 29th :biggrin: , i bet that now you are soo fresh and active more than any day.

    Have a great day Mahmood.

  • Butterfly
    29 April 2007

    hehehhe .. that was so funny Mahmood. It is the first day of the week you can’t forget it unless you was on a long leave or worked during the weekend. The first sounds more like Mahmood :biggrin:

  • can we talk
    29 April 2007

    lol!! i can never remember what day of the week it was either, but that’s because between the old thur/fri, the new fri/sat and the sat/sun abroad, it’s just too confusing still.

  • Maverick
    29 April 2007

    I just loved the humor M!. Thanks for making me smile 🙂 !
    Have a great day.

  • Johnster
    29 April 2007

    You’re mean. I’m starving and at work and all you can do is show pictures of croissants and chocolatini….

  • reem
    29 April 2007

    Mahmood… u really sent me into a panic attack with that post!!!

    i honestly believed that the date was wrong.. and in my case… it would make a big deal… as our appraisals are due on the 30th!

    u seee… when i need news…. i come to ur blog… when i need fiction and humor… i visit the gdn for some light reading….

    have a great week! 🙂 labor day’s coming up! 🙂 nothing like a mid-week public holiday…!!

  • Munther
    29 April 2007

    Wahaaaay ! :biggrin: I thought that something was wrong when you said that it was the 30th ! 😉 Well, at least you had an airport brekie ! I don’t know why, but everything tastes better at airports ! 😆

  • Lujayn
    29 April 2007

    You crack me up Mahmood! :biggrin: I’ve lost track of the time before but nothing compared to this. Thanks for the laugh!

  • Brian Ulrich
    29 April 2007

    The valedictorian of my high school class mentioned in his speech at graduation how he had recently gone to school at 7:15 p.m. instead of 7:15 a.m. I guess that’s halfway to your mistake.

  • Barry
    29 April 2007

    Just the other day at work, I was working wth a student at my desk, and she said she began work on tuesday of this week. I said “so you mean today?” She said “No, I mean yesterday”. I said back “But today is Tuesday” she said “No, that was yesterday”. Then it dawned on me that my brain was a day behind and I had the stupid :biggrin:

  • Amjad
    29 April 2007

    LOOL .. that’s really funny 😆 but at least you ended up having a very good breakfast

  • Pamela
    29 April 2007

    OMG, that is soooooooo funny.

    On my last brithday I counted my age wrong, when my Mom called to wish me happy b-day she set me straight. Mom, can I get one year younger every year untill age 29? She said If I find out how to tell her too.

    I’ve gained 10 pounds just looking at that pastry.

  • NewMe
    29 April 2007

    left work thinking tomorrow is labour day.. got home and booked an early spa recreation blah for tomorrow morning.. took a shower.. logged on to catch up on my daily gossips.. by the end of your post realised 1st of May is not until after tomorrow :blink:
    Uhhhhhh bugger!!
    good luck ma friend..
    enjoy your trip..
    cheers :angel:

  • Salawi
    30 April 2007

    Nice one Mahmood, it usually happens when people mix the “AM” “PM” thing, LIKE ME

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