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I want my MTV!

iwantmymtv.org website launched!

A couple of Bahrainis who too are disgusted with the arbitrary censorship have launched a new site in response to the blocking of Mahmood’s Den by the Ministry of disInformation! Thanks very much for your support guys. The website redirects to Bahrain Uncensored whose mission is:

This web initiative was triggered by the recent blocking of Mahmood’s Den, the famous Bahrain-based blog. Bahrain Uncensored is our way of working towards a democratic Bahrain, where human rights are valued and ensured. This website is further proof of the fact that the Bahraini nation is well aware of the unnecessary actions taken by the Ministry of Information and refuse to be silenced. We will not give up, nor will we ever feign disinterest in the political culture of this country merely because it’s “risky” to do so. We want, need, and expect our rights to be respected by a government that claims to value them. We want proof, through actions and not just words, that this country is heading towards a democracy.
read full mission statement

Bahrain is in really good shape when its citizens care about issues like this, and more importantly refuse to just lie down and take whatever the authorities foist on them.

And the guys have organised a petition to unblock the site too! Read more about it here and if you would consider signing it when it is published, I would be thankful.

I am indebted to you for this effort and thank you with all my heart for this noble gesture.



Well, the original URL might be blocked (temporarily, I am sure, sanity WILL prevail), but I’ve set up a new mirror on http://alyousif.tv which you can access without recourse to an anonymiser. The upside is that all of the links work too!

And if they block this one, I’ve got another one ready.

And then yet another!


The view from Bahrain

Mahmood's Den blocked by Bahraini authorities


Human rights?

Freedom of Expression?

President of the UN?


Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which the Bahraini Government is a signatory of states:

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

The Bahraini Constitution’s Guarantees of Freedom of Speech

Article 23 of the Bahrain Constitution: Freedom of opinion and scientific research is guaranteed. Everyone has the right to express his opinion and publish it by word of mouth, in writing or otherwise under the rules and conditions laid down by law, provided that the fundamental beliefs of Islamic doctrine are not infringed, the unity of the people is not prejudiced, and discord or sectarianism is not aroused.

Article 24 of the Bahrain Constitution: With due regard for the provisions of the preceding Article, the freedom of the press, printing and publishing is guaranteed under the rules and conditions laid down by law.

Article 26 of the Bahrain Constitution: The freedom of postal, telegraphic and electronic communication is safeguarded and its confidentiality is guaranteed. Communications shall not be censored or their confidentiality breached except in exigencies specified by law and in accordance with procedures and under guarantees prescribed by law.

new slogan for the Ministry of disInformation launched:

لا شيعي… لا سني… لا محمود!
no shi’i… no sunni… NO MAHMOOD!

ُthanks for coining this mate! 😉


Yep, it’s official, free publicity about to start! Mahmood’s Den blocking order

Mahmood’s Den blocking order signed by the Minister of disInformation

Did I mention that these lists of “undesirable” sites are compiled most probably by our illustrious Jamal Dawood, the guy implicated in the bandargate scandal for accepting a kickback of BD2,200. Yes I know he’s cheap, and he’s still running for parliament! The guy has no shame whatsoever!

Ah, how wonderful…



I just heard confirmed news that this site (Mahmood’s Den) will be blocked effective immediately, together with 6 others (don’t know which yet) by order of the Minister of Information.

The memo has been printed and delivered to all the ISP’s this afternoon apparently. I am yet to receive my copy.

But if I go off the air for too long, you know the reason, and it’s not inconceivable that prisons will be used to silence criticism.

You know what to do if this site DOES in fact become blocked… you know the required tools to unblock it.


Minor improvements to the site

I just want to bring to your attention a couple of small improvements to the site which you might find useful:

1. Now you can page through the site! At the bottom of main pages you will find this:


2. When you read a single story, you can now go to the next or previous story as well. These links are presented at the top of the page, it looks something like this:


3. As a few people complained that the theme I’m using “renders the comments all the way down on the page” which, in fact is just rendering the comments after all the contents of the SideBar, I have therefore disabled the SideBar if you are viewing an individual story or when you click on a comment link, this shortens the page considerably and I hope makes it easier to navigate and view/read the comments. Do let me know if you like this new way of displaying comments, or the old one please. I like the old one personally as I can just scroll to the top and click on the next unread comment from the “recent comments” block on the left, but let me know what you prefer and I’ll look into it.

Do let me know also if you wish to see any other improvements to the site generally or specifically.


update 060911: I’ve had to put the sidebar on which because of its length, will push the comments further down the page. I just got fed up of having to go to the front page every time I wanted to read the next comment. I hope you can put up with it for now.


Moving again…

I’ve ordered a bigger server for my sites from RackSpace and it should be built and made available to me to migrate all the data into it in the next few days. Hopefully that will mean better reliability and availability of the sites.

The new server will also have a new IP address, so there might be an outage until the DNS servers get updated. Once I know what the new IP address is however, I’ll publish it so that you can connect through the IP in the transition period.

I hope this will be the last of the big outages for a long time to come.

Bear with me for the next few days…

UPDATE 060401: All sites (including bahrainblogs.org) except for gbps.tv and mahmood.tv have now been moved and are operational on the new server. I’ll get tech support to change the DNS settings for the last two sites to move them to the new server. The effect of this change is that we might lose a couple of comments in the changeover period which I will attempt to rescue somehow, rather than switching of commenting altogether. The new server’s speed is sweet!


2005 Mahmood’s Den Stats


I didn’t think Mtv was THAT popular! I bet it’s all spam though 😉

But over 18 million hits, over 7.3 million pageviews and most importantly over 1.1 million sessions IN SIX MONTHS is absolutely staggering.

Thank you ever so much for your support and friendship.

Now how the hell can I make money out of this thing and give up my day job to just concentrate on Mtv? 😀

Here’s a useless stat for you; if you multiply the number of sessions we’ve had in 6 months with the average length of the session, you would see that people have spent almost 21 man-years on Mahmood’s Den in that time-period.

As I said at the start, unbelievable!