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Let the fireworks begin; Nancy is in town!

Nancy's in town, and everyone is waiting for a couple of parliamentary members' brainfarts

The last time this young lady came to Bahrain, we had parliamentary and street riots, with people lying on the roads leading to her performance venue, quite a number of burnt tyres and scuffles with police, all apparently planned and executed by Islamists in parliament and the street. Ironically that was one of the few occasions in Bahrain’s recent history where both Sunni extremists as well as Shi’a both came together to form “the Nancy Opposition Movement.”

The concert did go ahead, but Nancy was so scared that she didn’t dare show skin (and she could show plenty!) but chose to wear jeans and a very conservative top. It must have been very stifling creatively for the lovely siren, being restricted with those close while performing.

No matter, the important thing is that it was Nancy – and no one else and I say that with hand on heart – that started our real democracy and the fight for personal freedoms rolling, and it hasn’t stopped yet.

Now, everyone on the island is expecting a repeat of the previous experience three years ago, and I know people would gladly pay through the nose to thumb theirs at the Islamist dimwits who everyone expects to create yet another unneeded and unwarranted ruckus.

The cartoon in today’s Al-Wasat is quite apt, and also demonstrates quite plainly that some MPs are in it for their egos rather than the good of the country, or even worse, some just cannot separate parliamentary work and that of religious preaching.

The guy in the cartoon is calling an MP (most probably the usual posse of Islamists/Salafis/Wahabi: Mohammed Khaled, Jassim Al-Saidi, Adel Al-Moawdah – though he’s been rather subdued of late – Ali Mattar, Abdulla Al-A’ali, and the rest) and saying “Hello, Mr. MP, Nancy Ajram returned to Bahrain, get prepared as this is your game!”

I’m putting my money on Nancy to win by a head. What’s yours on?


This is not my Bahrain. This is not my Islam.

Nancy Ajram performing in BahrainIslamist MPs Adel Al-Moawada, Mohammed Khaled Mohammed, Ali Matar, Abdulla Al-A’ali, and Hamad Al-Muhannadi tabled an urgent motion in the Bahraini Parliament to ban the Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram from performing in Bahrain citing her act as provocative, indecent and debaucherous.

The motion was squarely defeated with most members including the chairman describing the motion as frivolous. In a democratic country, this should have been the end of the story. However, because of these MPs’ own agenda, the issue did not rest but transpired by their (passive or active) encouragement, a gang of their followers violently demonstrated at the venue last night resulting in several injuries to innocent people and property, burnt rubber tires, and set fire to a traffic light. They were clashes between these gangs and the public security who in turn used tear gas to try to disperse them.

This is clearly a precursor of the future of Bahrain. That is, if these Islamists don’t get their way democratically, they will resort to inciting simple fools to violence.

The end result? Bahrain is not a place worth investing in nor is it a place to bring your family to enjoy a peaceful time. You and your family are at the mercy of these extremists.

These so called Islamists miss the main point of democracy: “your freedom ends where another person’s freedom begins”.

The concert went ahead despite the violence, albeit with more than half of the audience forced away.


Nancy oh Nancy, thank you for breathing life into our parliament!

Nancy AjramThe Bahraini parliament yesterday was a whole lot of fun. They actually had the backbone to shoot down the motion to ban a Lebanese singer from performing in Bahrain. But to be fair, they gave the floor to one of the people tabling this motion, but he was slapped down by shutting off his mic just as he was getting going!

What fun. On her part, Nancy Ajram said in an interview in Bahrain while signing the thousands of autographs that “any publicity is good publicity!

Rock on Nancy.. and welcome to Bahrain. I most certainly will go out and buy your CD now regardless of whether I like your music, but every time I play that CD or listen/see you perform, I will remember that it was YOU who set the parliament’s pulse racing and set a precident to let this so called MPs treat the parliament with respect rather than waste its time with worthless debates like these.


2nd session of our parliament has started with the important motion to ban a singer from performing in Bahrain

Nancy AjramCalls to ban Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram from staging a concert in Bahrain may not be discussed at today’s parliament session, sources told our sister paper Akhbar Al Khaleej.

The issue has sowed divisions within parliament and one MP said that he would personally watch Ajram’s concert.

The proposal was initially submitted by the Al Asala parliamentary coalition chaired by second deputy chairman Shaikh Adel Al Maawda.

They complained about the singer’s erotic gestures and clothes.

Ajram joins super-star Ragheb Alama to perform in a concert being held tomorrow as part of the second anniversary of Bennigan’s restaurant.

In a statement late last night, Bahrain Family Leisure Company chairman Abdullatif Al Aujan said his company was co-ordinating with the Information Ministry and several MPs over the show.

He said the company, which owns Bennigan’s, honoured Bahrain’s traditions and values and the show would in no way go against the social customs and ethics.


See? Anything and everything distracts them from what they’re supposed to be doing. If they want to really move the country forward economically, educationally, and yes even morally, we have to separate politics from religion.

But with 19 Islamist members out of the elected 40, I guess their priorities are a tad bit different from what people in the street want.

update: here’s the story from a better newspaper