2nd session of our parliament has started with the important motion to ban a singer from performing in Bahrain


Nancy AjramCalls to ban Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram from staging a concert in Bahrain may not be discussed at today’s parliament session, sources told our sister paper Akhbar Al Khaleej.

The issue has sowed divisions within parliament and one MP said that he would personally watch Ajram’s concert.

The proposal was initially submitted by the Al Asala parliamentary coalition chaired by second deputy chairman Shaikh Adel Al Maawda.

They complained about the singer’s erotic gestures and clothes.

Ajram joins super-star Ragheb Alama to perform in a concert being held tomorrow as part of the second anniversary of Bennigan’s restaurant.

In a statement late last night, Bahrain Family Leisure Company chairman Abdullatif Al Aujan said his company was co-ordinating with the Information Ministry and several MPs over the show.

He said the company, which owns Bennigan’s, honoured Bahrain’s traditions and values and the show would in no way go against the social customs and ethics.


See? Anything and everything distracts them from what they’re supposed to be doing. If they want to really move the country forward economically, educationally, and yes even morally, we have to separate politics from religion.

But with 19 Islamist members out of the elected 40, I guess their priorities are a tad bit different from what people in the street want.

update: here’s the story from a better newspaper

  • anonymous
    2 March 2004

    2nd session of our parliament has started with the important motion to ban a singer from performing

    Are you a Muslim, how could you say that “we should separate politics from religion”. Does France or USA do that, never? Whey you want us to oppose our messenger and religion while your beloved (non Muslim) are not welling to do so. You should have your own identity as a Muslim, because neither Christian nor Jews are welling to accommodate you because you are not belonging to them. Please re-think again and renew your tawbah before you die.

    Thank you,


  • anonymous
    2 March 2004

    Re: 2nd session of our parliament has started with the important motion to ban a singer from perform

    Good point Mr Islamist – you’re very right France and the US have two of the most religiously inspired constitutions in the world. If you want proof that France is a Christian fundamentalist state look at them banning from schools the Muslim hijabs, Jewish yarmlukes, and…er Christian crosses and hands of Fatima.

    Ever opened a book or listened to anyone other than hate filled clerics?

  • anonymous
    16 September 2005

    2nd session of our parliament has started with the important motion to ban a singer from performing

    Hi Nancy
    You’re so lovely
    I listen to your music every day
    Take care of you and good luck.


  • anonymous
    14 November 2005

    2nd session of our parliament has started with the important motion to ban a singer from performing

    i wanna know if nancy ajram is a muslim or christian becuz if she is muslim why would she have cosmetic surgery done and why do people act like they don’t know who rabbahum is??????

  • anonymous
    8 December 2005

    2nd session of our parliament has started with the important motion to ban a singer from performing

    oh,as if muslims dont hate christians ya3ni?
    i dont get you muslims.,..you call every other religion KAFER and most of you are fucking pretentious.I am an arab christian and i have, in fact experienced lots of discrimination from muslims,so dont try to say that other religions dont know who “rabbahum”.I know my god and i only worship one god.Dont get me wrong,i have nothing against muslims..i have tonnes of muslim friends.But i hate pretentious people who think they are right all the time.
    Before you complain about christians think about what you muslims do first.

  • anonymous girl
    10 August 2006

    Thank you for saying what i wannted to say anonymous…
    Okej you are saying that france is a “Christian fundamentalist state” are they not also forbiding crosses?? In some middels east contries they just forrbide crosses.. but no one says something about that!! they forbid minorities from speaking their one language. You speak of the USA but what about the forgotton people..the christan minorities in the middel east. And yes they should split religion from politics
    espacilly from a religion that talks about a “holy war” (jihad)
    Dont act like you people are victims…discrimination bla bla there are war, hunger natural disasters in the world…..

  • Ibn
    11 August 2006


    Oh. My. God. Wow. There is world hunger, curbs of individual rights, lack of freedom, so much to create in science and art, but no! Lets convene to discuss the banning of a singer from Bahrain!

    lol! Ahh, religion. Gotta hate it.


  • memo
    11 October 2006

    =P i miss you =| nancy ana bhbk kteeeeeeeer

    ya ret awl ma ashofik teje tboseena 😆

  • Zahra
    12 October 2006

    Hey Nancy!
    Did you know that my sister and I sang one of your songs in our school =P . Ofcourse in United States :yes: All of my teachers loved it. And the people in United States starting to know THE PRICE OF EYGPT AND THE BEST SINGER 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • anon
    19 December 2006

    OMG can you hurry it up already so is nancy muslim or christian and all you muslims think your religion is the write one why don’t you just keep that in your head cause other people don’t really need to hear it and us christians are always respecting you so why don’t you do the same..


  • Anonymous
    29 January 2007

    im muslim & i respect
    my religion very mcuh
    & other religion – salma

  • Karim
    31 May 2007

    France’s first Muslim school only opened in 2003 after years of battles with French authorities who refused to grant it a permit. 5 million Muslims in French couldn’t have a single private school??

    Many of the 5 million French Muslims had to send their kids to the many available private Catholic schools (some of which the French government gives money!).

    The French government ban on “religious signs” in public schools was really directed at Muslims. Christians can still wear their crosses by not exposing them but it is not possible for Muslim women to do so.

    Long before the official ban, many schools kicked out Muslim girls who wore hijabs with not much support from the French government. In fact, many supported it while no one said anything about crosses at the time.

    Discrimination against French Muslims is rampant to the point where some even change their names. The French government has long ignored and refused to look at these issues.

    All public schools in France are officially closed on all major Christian-Catholic holidays.

  • sara
    8 July 2007

    i hate nancy because she used her body and not her voice during her songs

  • stranger
    2 December 2007

    well wht can i say, anyone thinks their religion is bettter then other religions. so wht. let em think tht. no matter wht we are all the same. no matter were we come from we think of ourselves better then others. its ok to defend ourselves but its not ok to think we are better. thts wht makes an argument wrong. in our (christians, muslims, and jews) religion we are told to be equal, y cant we believe it.

  • Dolly Khan
    22 January 2008

    I just want to let u know that a bunch of u here r a bunch of rude, disgusting,and ignorant people here! u people r so racist to the Islamic society u really should think about what ur dirty stupid mouths r saying. I’m sry to be so rude but I cannot just sit here reading dumb comments on my religion which I respect and love. Its u Christians who r causing a bunch of problems in this world. You Christian people r always bad mouthing about Islam and we don’t even say anything back. Where not stupid and rude like u. We show more respect. So if u have any disagreements on this ur just gonna make it worse. Think about respecting the Islam religion more cause u Christians did enough trouble! so shut it!

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