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Prayer, no matter how well intentioned, isn’t enough to defeat terrorists. Every one of us has a responsibility to confront them intellectually and morally at least. Governments with influence on countries which incubate and empowers terrorists and terrorism must act responsibly and take action beyond immediate economic considerations to force them to flush out sources of terrorism and terrorists and deal with them appropriately.

In addition to that, it is really up to us individually and collectively to compel our governments to take real action in this regard. We can’t stand idle or continue to react to terrorist events by simply asking for prayers. That will not do. Because we too will become direct victims of terrorism one day if we fail to confront them.

To defeat them, we need to deal with their thwarted ideology and erase their influence on the educational systems throughout the Muslim world. We need to deal with their exclusionary thoughts. Governments can help. The Emirates recently appointed a minister for tolerance whose first mission must be to eradicate this ideology and seek better rapprochement with all within society and stop the discrimination against anyone using any denominator. The value of humanity must trump all other considerations. Muslim governments are in dire need of this and must do the same by creating and giving that portfolio full authority to deal with this scourge.

In Bahrain we do have a huge problem with discrimination, regardless of the empty platitudes of us being one family and we’re all brothers etc. Witness this for instance: visitors to the Bahrain International Book Fair were surprised, once again, of finding books that publicly expiate Shi’a Muslims.

My translation: “The (Bahrain International) Book Fair this year registers progress in publishing books of Shi’a expiation”

Others aren’t surprised at all – which is an indication of the deep rooted problem which must be resolved:

My translation: The last time I went to the Book Fair I found all the books are expensive, except for those which expiate Shi’as, which are distributed for free.”


And of course you will find a plethora of exclusionary Tweets about the Shi’a, some using choice words to strip them of their humanity simply because the writer does not agree with their outlook or interpretation of the religion. Most of those Tweets actually come from young people, boys and girls. What does that bode for the future and one must ask how did they get poisoned to this level of hatred?

Well, the result of that indoctrination are the terrorist acts all over the world, sparing no one. The only way to deal with this is to recognise its seriousness and putting a concerted effort – globally – to combat its sources wherever they may be. Maybe only then the world will know a semblance of peace.

My heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of those who perished in Lahore and elsewhere in the world due to terrorism and intolerance.


Shame on you Pakistan!

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How dare you have a person in your midst now that you can legally call “former president?” Have you absolutely no shame? What happened to your Holy Muslim Values which insist that you should acquiesce to God’s chosen leader on earth? Did you not hear that oft repeated Aya “Obey Allah, and obey the Messenger, and those charged with authority among you? Whasswrongwijooo? Have you descended into Kufr now? AstaGHFirullah!

Former President Musharraf felt the heat and skedaddled
Former President Musharraf felt the heat and skedaddled
How can you let an independent judiciary be? How can you even threaten those who are charged with authority among you with impeachment? And you are just Pakistani? You certainly now rise to the level of those Indians who also now live under a democracy. All we need now is for you to emulate those neighbours that you fought and separated from all those years ago and increase the level of middle-class families, raise your education levels and generally live a better life!

What is this world coming to? All thank to Allah SWT that we, true Arabs still live by the Quran, especially the respect and deference we afford to His representatives on Earth, the kings, shaikhs and malalwah for we value and yearn for Heaven and shall not stray off this ancient path of kowtowing to Allah’s words regardless of how they get retooledinterpreted.

For Godness’ sake, who is going to come to the rescue of Former President Musharraf now that he was dropped like a hot potato by those infernal Americans once they saw that the people of Pakistan simply didn’t want him? Us Arabs of course! The pad is ready for him in any of our open countries for the rest of his life to live the life of luxury, living honourably amongst us to value the words of God and abide by them.

Long live our rulers, the true and only ones charged with authority among us. Allah’s chosen. May they live comfortably for ever!


Benazir Bhutto killed

Benazir Bhutto in a rally

The BBC reports that the Pakistani political leader Ms. Benazir Bhutto had been killed in a terrorist suicide attack while leaving an election rally in Rawalpindi about an hour ago.

My condolences to the Pakistani people for her loss and its barbaric method. When all that is left is the law of force and terrorism to get your point of view across, you have already lost the cause. Peace-loving human beings should be unequivocal in their condemnation of terrorist acts. Because if things are left as they are, and violence is simply condoned, then we can rest assured that we and those we love will soon be in the cross-fire.

May she rest in peace and I hope that no more deaths are suffered in retaliatory gestures in that deeply divided country.